10 Crucial Chia Farming Tutorials To Watch Right Now

Chia coin mining has become a global phenomenon and we all want to have our own Chia farms. But there is the right way to do it without making mistakes. We have compiled a list of Chia coin tutorials that will be beneficial to mine XCH properly, save time, learn Chia mining basics and earn more XCH. 

#1 How To Configure Chia Pool on MadMax

This tutorial will teach you how to configure MadMax and use it for pools. There are many other small things you will learn about XCH. This one tutorial will help you set up everything on MadMax. 

#2 How to Send Chia Coin to Cryptocurrency Exchange | Sending Chia to Other Chia Wallet Address

This tutorial will quickly teach you how you can send your XCH to a crypto exchange or their Chia wallets. Follow these instructions and give it a go. 

#3 How to Upgrade Chia Blockchain on Windows 10 

Watch this video tutorial and learn to upgrade your Chia Blockchain on Windows 10 including your wallet. 

#4 Chia Pools: How to Get Free Chia Coins

If you are wondering how to get free Chia from faucets and partake in pooling. This tutorial will show you steps to receive your first free Chia coins. 

#5 How To Monitor Your Multiple Chia Mining Nodes From Anywhere

Learn quick tips to monitor your Chia Nodes from anywhere in the world with the help of this tutorial. 

#6 How To Get Contract Address, Farmer Key and Launcher ID in Chia 

This tutorial will help you learn how to:

  • Get Chia contract address
  • Chia Farmer Key 
  • Chia Launcher ID 
  • And many other small things. 

#7 How To Check if Your Chia Farm is Really Working?

In this tutorial you will learn how to keep your Chia farm active and understand the basics about keeping it updated. It also discusses the factors that lead to the amount of XCH you can actually win. 

#8 How to Make Money by Buying and Selling Chia Plots?

This tutorial will teach you how to:

  • Find Chia plotting services 
  • Make sure they are safe to use 
  • Find it if they are scam-baits or not 
  • Earn money by buying and selling Chia plots 

#9 How to Farm Chia with Cloud Services 

This tutorial will help you understand how you can farm Chia without farming. There are plenty of services which miners can use without building their own rigs. 

#10 How to Join and Farm on Space Pool?

This tutorial covers all the necessary things a farmer should know about joining and farming on Space pool including pool fees and app update. 

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