How To Use Trust Wallet on PC?

In this post you will come to know how to use the trust wallet on your PC. Before that we need to understand what trust wallet is. Trust wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet which allows you to keep, send and receive any type of cryptocurrency. Not just you can claim airdrops and use it for trading. 

Trust wallet also allows its users to earn rewards on POS(Proof of Stake), staking and DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake). All those users who are not into mining coins can still earn rewards due to regular updates and also if someone wants to buy coins he can directly.

You Need to Install An Android Emulator 

You can install the trust wallet on your PC. One is to use it through an android emulator like Bluestacks and use it like you do on your android phone. 

There’s a video guide about installing Trust Wallet on your PC. Go through it and you will get to understand it completely. 

Create your wallet
Once you install trust wallet you need to create your wallet/account to use it. Once you are done, you can do whatever you want to trade, earn or just store your cryptocurrency.

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