AMP Token Explained – Method To Get Some Free AMPs

What is the AMP coin? What is its price and how can you get some free AMPs? AMP is an ERC20 token that is actually listed on Coinbase that doesn’t make it completely credible but it definitely boosts its safety because Coinbase is willing to list it. We have mentioned its features, importance and credibility in the long run below. 

Some of the best features of AMP coins as compared to others:

  • More Valuable Than Other Cryptocurrencies – AMP coin is interesting because it actually has good utility which immediately sets it apart from other cryptocurrencies such as Kishu Inu and Shiba Inu
  • Fraud Proof Crypto Payment System – AMPcoin in its simplest form provides a way to make fraud proof crypto payments.
  • Staking Means Value – AMP is staked and when it is, that guarantees all kinds of different transactions. 
  • Strongest Crypto Payment Mechanism – AMP could potentially make payments in crypto. A thing right now most cryptos aren’t used as payment mechanisms and more as a store value.

Crypto Transaction Transparency 

There are only a couple of cryptos that are used as alternative payments but AMP could help bring paying with crypto a reality. Now one may say that you can pay with crypto and that’s somewhat true. offers cards that let you convert your assets to cash and spend them but then you have to go through a Visa or MasterCard. AMP would allow you to pay straight with crypto. 

Profitable Staking 

When you hold your AMP you actually get AMP in return for it because in order to stake they need some of your tokens. So just by holding AMP you can get more of it. 

See below the AMP chart on CoinMarketCap

As you can see CoinMarketCap started recording it September 11th of last year and it’s gone up ever since. It has had some downers like the one that happened on May 23rd Saturday night live crash.

Then it had a huge crash here but overall it’s going still keep going up as you can see even when it crashes it doesn’t go back down to where it started.

It peaked around 11 cents. Now it’s back down to 4 and a half cents around there in the market caps around two billion. You can see the volume is in million all throughout the chart.

Method to Get Free AMP Tokens 

So this is how you earn $3 worth of AMP.

  • Go to to earn. 
  • Create your account 
  • Start an AMP Token course 
  • Then you’ll get 3 dollars an AMP. 

AMP Token Future Predictions 

Now don’t expect AMP to be the next 100x coin because it’s not a meme coin. This token has an actual value attached to it. So it’s not going to the moon overnight it’s probably going to be more like other cryptos slow and steady such as stellar and lumens etc. Overall this crypto has great utility and it’ll be interesting to see what it does in the future.

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