Can You Make Profit From Mining After Ethereum Merge?

Ethereum 2.0 is around the corner and Ethereum mining will stop once its transition to the Proof of Stake is confirmed and it becomes Mainnet. For the mining enthusiasts there are plenty of coins that they can once Ethereum becomes invisible. Check out the list of the top cryptocurrencies to mine after Ethereum 2.0 merge which answers your question ‘Can you make profit from mining after etherum merge?’

Here is the list of popular Cryptocurrencies to mine after Ethereum 2.0 merge

#1 Ravencoin (RVN) The Best Coin to Mine After Ethereum 2.0 as it is Considered The Most Accomplished Ethereum Mining Replacer 

Ravencoin uses the KawPoW algorithm for Proof of Work mining and is a p2p network that aims at facilitating users and companies for financial backing of their assets. It was forked from BTC without master nodes or even ICO was not held for it. On the other hand, it got Medici Ventures like potential customers with 3.6 million security tokens and its blockchain became known to the masses by then. So that’s how it got funded. 

Best Features of Ravencoin 

  • One of the best features of Raven is there’s no way using ASICs for mining while GPUs and CPUs are highly preferable to mine. 
  • A block is created or mined every minute to generate a block reward of 5,000 RVN.
  • Raven can be mined on a minimal cost with its miners like BMiner, NBMiner and MinerGate etc. You can even mine it through the app on your phone which can be very profitable. 
  • You can directly mine it on pools like  2Miners, Coinotron, Flypool, HeroMiners and Skypool you can also use GamerHash to mine it. 

#2 GrinBest for private transactions for individuals and companies that do not need transaction tracking or transparency. 

One of the most privately executed coins is Grin. It is seen as one of the best true DeFi projects that we have seen recently. As everything is done encrypted and secretly there is no way anyone can track anything. 

Grin has kept everything tight when it comes to the privacy of the users. They use the MimbleWimble protocol that protects everything. It takes care of transactions, scalability and privacy. 

Useful Features of Grin

  • There are few best miners that can mine Grin Gminer, GrinGoldMiner, Cudo Miner, and lolMiner GPU that can be installed without any upfront fee
  • Grin uses Cuckatoo32 mining Proof-of-Work algorithm for mining 
  • MimbleWimble protocol makes it very light and more scalable without using much of the resources. 
  • It has 11.84 KGps network Hashrate 
  • If you want to mine Grin directly into pools there are few fine pools such as 2miners and f2pools to mine it. 
  • ASIC and GPU mining is allowed

#3 Ethereum Classic – Ethereum Classic is a great Ethereum replacement 

Ethereum Classic is the best fork off Ethereum till today. There’s no way any other crypto coin is as closely rub shoulders with Ethereum as Ethereum Classic does. Ethereum Classic can be mined after Ethereum Merge. 

Best Features of ETC 

  • ETC uses Etchash algorithm and Ethash hashing function for mining.
  • ETC can be mined with GPUs
  • There are so many mining options for Ethereum Classic such as FinMiner, GMiner, NBMiner and GMminer etc. You can also use lolMiner to mine Ethereum Classic. 
  • You can also use cloud mining or VPS server for ETC. 
  • Nanopool, 2Miner,, Etheremine and a few other pools can be used to mine ETC into the pools directly. 

#4 Monero (XMR) – Best for mining in general even if you don’t have high power hardware

XMR is a great cryptocurrency to mine not just for getting paid moderately while mining a cryptocurrency after Ethereum 2.0 but also for privacy purposes. Monero blockchain keeps everything in tight fists without slipping information about the transactions and addresses. It is a complete cryptocurrency in every form, shape and size. 

Best Features of XMR

  • It is mineable with your CPU and ASICs, it uses RandomX proof of work algorithm with x86, x86-64, ARM and GPUs, ASICs mining options
  • XMR uses RandomX CryptoNight hashing function with a network hashrate of 2.64 GH/s
  • Every 24 seconds 1 XMR is mined and miners receive 4.99 XMR. 
  • There are popular paying pools with different charges such as MineXMR, SupportXMR, and a few others. 

#5 ZCash – Best for individual miners who prefer private transactions

ZCash is another very good coin to mine and very consistent on keeping the privacy of the users. The addresses and transactions can be seen as well as they are viewable. So the companies who want to keep transparency of the records can use ZCash and keep things under real check and at the same keep the privacy of their financial history intact. 

Best Features of ZCash

  • One of the best features about ZCash is its lowest fee of 0.0001 that it charges for each transaction. 
  • This project has a strong backing of MIT, John Hopkins and others that make this project very reliable 
  • It’s best to mine ZCash with your high power GPU with its EWBF Cuda ZCash miner and also prohibit ASIC mining at the same time. There are three other ways it can be mined like GUI Miner, on your console or even using the app.

  • It uses Equihash proof of work algorithm with hashing function SHA256 hashing function
  • It rewards users after every 75 seconds with 3.125 ZECs producing 10 blocks under 3 minutes 
  • You can also mine through its own ZEC pool

#6 Vertcoin – Best for individual miners in pools

Just like Litecoin was forked from Bitcoin to give people speed and more mining privilege, Vertcoin aimed at providing speed and more mining opportunities to the miners to be mined on GPU. What went wrong with Litecoin mining was ASIC mining took over it and that was where it was for Litecoin mining. It’s where Vertcoin introduced its power of mining that aimed at restricting ASIC and CPU mining and only GPUs were allowed to mine it through. 

Useful Features of Vertcoin 

  • Vertcoin can only be mined through GPUs. ASICs and CPUs cannot be used for mining 
  • VertCoin miners can use VertHashMine to mine it
  • The most popular GPUs like Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 Series, Ti and LHR are best for mining Vertcoin. However, the AMD GPUs can also be used; there is no condition for that. It’s just that Nvidia GPUs can give you better mining hashrate. 
  • The best pools you can mine Vertcoin into are,,, and All charge differently depending on the terms and conditions. 

#7 XHV or Haven – Also known as Holder’s coin and they are reckon as hodlers 

Haven is an interesting project of mine, especially when it’s based on XMR which already is a private and confidential blockchain in every shape and form. Haven solves the problem of the middleman so the users can convert and transfer their coins or fiat themselves. 

Best Features of Haven Coin

  • On XMR you will find two main things: privately kept addresses and RingCT. So we can expect the same from Haven. Everything is kept strictly decentralized. 
  •  It uses RandomX with its function CryptoNightHaven variant with the hashing rate 42.162 MH/s.
  • You can keep the monetary value of your fiat-pegged, gold and silver-pegged crypto value that will save you from volatile crypto crashing down. 
  • You can use HeroMiners, MinerRocks and FrackingMiner to mine Haven coin on these pools. 
  • You can also use miners that use XMR. 

#8 Litecoin (LTC) Best For Pool Mining So Far 

For speedy transactions and much lower waiting time as compared to BTC, its waiting time is far less and it was given a go under MIT/X11 license. Like other cryptocurrencies it also uses the same cryptographic protocol that other crypto coins use. 

It was forked from Bitcoin with the plan of being mineable with a CPU and GPU when it became impossible or hard to generate blocks on Bitcoin with CPU and GPUs. However, Litecoin can now only be mined profitably with ASICs.

Best Features of Litecoin 

  • LTC allows mining with ASICs 
  • After every 2.5 minutes a block of LTC gets mined and for each reward it’s 12.5 LTC is given. 
  • There are many miners that can be used such as  MultiMiner, GUIMiner Scrypt, CPUminer, CGminer Litecoin and many others. So you can imagine how many options are available. 
  • You can use free ASIC/FPGA software to mine with it. 

Website: Litecoin (LTC)

#9 Monacoin MONA – MONA Coin is The Best Personal Miner so Far 

You might be surprised to know that Monacoins is one of the earliest cryptocurrencies and it’s a memecoin which has remained very popular in Japan since 2013 when it was offered for ICO. 

Best Features of Monacoin 

  • After 1.5 minutes a Mona block gets created and charges little fees and the reward per block is 12.5. 
  • Its halving happens after every 3 years and it uses Lyra2REv2 algorithm 
  • It restricts ASICs mining 
  • There are plenty of pools you can mine MONA on such as, and many others. 
  • You can use miners such as XMR Stak, CGminer and CCMiner. 

There are many other crypto currencies that you can mine. These are a few of the top coins you can mine after Ethereum Merge. However, we have already shown other coins that you could mine after Ethereum 2.0. 

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