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Cardano ADA Price Prediction 2022-2031

What will be the price of Cardano ADA in 2030s?

Ada was founded in 2017s. Cardano (ADA) is a proof of stake open source blockchain that aims at providing individuals with more power who are visionaries and partake in global changemaking. 

Cardano ADA Overview 

Cardano is named after 16th century Italian polymath Gerolamo Cardano while the symbol ADA is named after 19th century mathematician Ada Lovelace who is known to be the first computer programmed ever. Main purpose of ADA is creating a more secure and financially stable society.

ADA Proof of Stake Algorithm 

ADA allows the owners/stakeholders to partake in the decision making for changes incorporated to the ADA blockchain. They can vote to approve or disapprove anything. 

Name Cardano 

Cardano Official Website


Official Website 

Current Price $2.00
Market Cap $ 66,430,954,637
Current Volume $ 3,385,741,462
Social Media Reddit/Forums/Twitter/Medium
Supply 33,656,112,930 ADA

The crypto investors find ADA one of the stable cryptocurrencies and it has shown stability over the course of time. Its price may increase over time. The data collected from CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko shows how unaffected its performance has been. Its supply is  33,656,112,930 ADA with a good volume of $ 3,385,741,462 and current price is $2.00. 

What’s the price of Cardano ADA today?

Today the average ADA coin’s price is $2.00, with $1.96 being the lowest and $2.04 the highest. 

Cardano ADA Price Predictions

ADA is considered one of the top stable cryptocurrencies and it has the potential to go 100% bullish and ADA may hit $20 before the end of this year. The experts believe ADA can grow over time and have opined about its performance on the crypto price index over the course of time. 

  • According to FxStreet ADA must break the $2+ barrier to get to its all time high price mark. 
  • CoinQuora is confident about ADA reaching $10 soon.
  • WalletInvestor targets $4.59-$14.06 for ADA as the next price haul for the next five-years. 
Fiscal Year Lowest Price Threshold Average Price Threshold Maximum Price Threshold
2021 $2.10 $2.20 $2.30
2022 $3.10 $3.19 $3.65
2023 $4.39 $4.49 $5.46
2024 $6.30 $6.90 $7.03
2025 $8.98 $9.60 $10.70
2026 $14.24 $16.48 $18.04
2027 $21.60 $22.29 $28.86
2028 $32.62 $36.60 $38.40
2029 $40.82 $42.68 $48.34
2030 $61.32 $72.67 $91.32
2031 $104.23 $123.43 $136.66

Cardano ADA Price Prediction 2021


ADA started 2021 with the price of just $0.09124 USD and today it has been traded at $2. We are confident ADA by the end of 2021s, will average around $2.20 or gain a few more cents. For the detailed ADA price prediction refer to the main price table. 

Cardano ADA Price Prediction 2022

Many crypto analysts believe 2022 will be the defining year for ADA. It may average around $3.19 but can go as high as $2.30 not lower than 3.10. So basically in a single year ADA’s price can rise 50% which is huge for any cryptocurrency. 

Cardano ADA Price Prediction 2023 

ADA is going to see a major boost in 2023. Many use cases will be for the coin. It’s expected to reach $5.46, average at $4.49 and stand around $4.39 at least. 

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Cardano ADA Price Prediction 2024 – ADA will go most bullish in this year 

ADA is in talks with popular platforms and chances are in a couple of few years it will get more use cases or may be adopted by one of FAANGs as a payment method. Imagine Amazon accepts payments in ADA, the whole scenario will change. Its price can go over $50 if that happens sooner. According to our prediction ADA can reach $7.03 even if nothing happens. 

Cardano ADA Price Prediction 2025 – What Will Be The Price Of ADA in 2025?

By the end of 2025 we would be four years down from now. Business through cryptocurrencies would be much more commonplace than what it’s today. We expect ADA to stay around $8.98, average about $9.60 or attain the price of $10.70 even if no big changes happen. 

ADA Price Forecast 2026 – What Will Be The Price of a Single ADA coin in 2026?

The year 2026 is going to be the year of cryptocurrencies with most of the use cases. ADA’s price in 2026 will average at $16.48 or go beyond the $18.04 USD. However, if it does not inflate it will stay around $14.24. 

ADA Coin Price In 2027 

The cryptocurrency analysts are certain ADA will have 2027 as the most bullish year. Its price can reach $28.86, average at $22.29 or at least stay strong at $21.60. We are quite certain that Cardano can cross the $100 mark by the end of 2027 but at this point it’s too soon to reveal that. 

Cardano Price Forecast 2028-2030s

Price prediction is not an easy task or exact in most cases. These are the probable prices that ADA can reach keeping in mind the collected data from popular platforms and experts’ viewpoints. The business analysis of Cardano shows the years 2028-2030 would be similar in many cases. The % of increase in its price will be almost double every next year from 2028 to onwards. For example ADA’s lowest price will be $32.62, $40.82 and $61.32 in 2028-29-30 respectively. Its price can go about $38.40, $48.34 and $91.32. For the detailed price change consider looking at its price table.

What will be the price of ADA in 2031s – What will be the price of Cardano ADA after 10 years?

The 10-year-haul is a global phenomenon for all cryptocurrencies, not just ADA. It’s predicted that the technology will be more commonplace and more than 90% of all types of transactions will be conducted through cryptocurrency. 

Our accumulated ADA data shows it will be valued at more than $100 USD however to draw a more logical conclusion on the basis of that data it may reach at least $104.23, average at $123.43 and go beyond $130 price mark or $136.66 to be exact.

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