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Top Automated Bots For Crypto Trading Compared – How Much Crypto Trading Bots Are Really Profitable?

The use of crypto trading bots is becoming mainstream. On social medias like Reddit and Twitter everyone is talking about profits they made with the automated crypto bots. As there are thousands of people using automated trading bots to trade crypto we need to make sure which ones are really profitable. Even though at this time the traditional trading of crypto is very common at the same time there are still others who continuously use trading bots to multiply profits and according to a research more than 38% of crypto trading is done through these bots. 

The trading bots are apps coded to perform certain tasks with a limited or no human interaction at all. The apps are coded to perform operations. The crypto  trading bots are also apps that work automatically and trade in place of humans. The only difference is it’s automated and turns out more profitable than humans. 

The users use these crypto bots for automation of trading. The new users keep asking whether or not these trading bots are profitable at all. There are so many theories regarding them. We have done some research to show you whether or not these crypto bots are good for trading and what are the profitable crypto trading bots. 

Order of appearance

  • Some Tips For Choosing Top Cryptocurrency Trading Bots
  • Features of Crypto Trading Bots 
  • Data Collection and Price Prediction
  • Trading of Crypto
  • Bitter Truth About Trading Bots
  • Pionex – Recommended
  • Botsfolio
  • CoinRule
  • CryptoHopper
  • CoinSmart
  • TradeSanta
  • Zignaly
  • Trality
  • HaasOnline
  • 3Commas
  • Bitsgap
  • Conclusion

Some Tips For Choosing Top Cryptocurrency Trading Bots

There are hundreds of trading bots used and advertised for crypto these days. All of these are not as useful as they are advertised for. But with a little customization they help users earn profits suiting their specific needs. They use a variety of trading tactics and receive information from social signals to make the best trading decisions. The ones we have listed below are tried and very well tested. We can combine their efficiency to automate trading. They monitor price changes, behaviors and strategize trading accordingly. 

So technically a trading bot lets us automate the trading based on the third-party trading signals. They are programmed to use AI methods. Some of the core functionalities of trading bots include arbitrage, crypto lending, margin trading, AMM and leverage. 

The data shows that a small percentage of users use these bots but the usage is also rising constantly. The money moved into crypto accounts for trading has doubled, that shows how much of this trading is done by the crypto users. Because institutional traders do most of the dealings, bots do most of the work. In the trading of stocks, forex, and other digital assets, trading bots have proven reliable and extensively used. The best feature of a trading bot is they help compete efficiently and make profits. 

Features of Crypto Trading Bots

The crypto bots these days do a lot instead of just trading. These crypto bots are programmed with the help of advanced technologies which automatically collect data using APIs with the help of AI. Then they analyze collected data on the basis of these signals and devise operations. 

Data Collection and Price Prediction 

This data assessment helps to predict the crypto prices. What sets them apart from manual trading is these conclusions are based on big data analysis and the accuracy is very high. The prediction of crypto prices by these bots can be accurate or close to accuracy and can churn out big profits. So, it depends a lot on the price change and how close the trading bots can predict. 

Trading of Crypto 

As soon as the prices are predicted, then the orders are made for buying/selling in the real-time. As we know DEXs work automatically and the orders are automated. So as soon as the trading decisions are made, the profits or losses follow depending on the decision. 

The difference between a regular and the top-tier crypto trading bot is, the best ones are highly professional and very well coded, they pull in information from different sites, crypto market makers and apps. They utilize the AI and machine learning aspects to understand the market behavior and impact of changes on prices. 

Bitter Truth About Trading Bots

One thing should be noted that there’s not a single crypto trading bot which is perfect. No matter how costly it’s, there are always chances of failures and inaccuracies. What they can do in a better way is to predict losses and reduce them. There’s always a little human interaction required to operate them. Although they can be independent, at this point it’s very risky and may end up losing all of the funds. 

List of the Best Crypto Trading Bots

We see tons of ads about new trading bots specially–crypto. It becomes a trying situation to choose one from or at least deposit funds into. You are right to think this way, there are many spam or scam crypto bots, so making a conscious decision is always a healthy sign and helps to safeguard our funds. In the crypto, like other fields, there is a huge row of scam-baiters everywhere. In every field of it, there’s always a news about theft and treachery. So make sure what you are buying into, before choosing a crypto trading bot for making profits.

The listed below trading bots are well researched and we have actually signed up for them. Despite all that we highly recommend Do Your Own Research as well before topping them with funds. To the best our knowledge these crypto bots are very reliable and have got a reputation to maintain so you are on the safe side if you choose any of them.

  1. Pionex 
  2. Botsfolio
  3. CoinRule
  4. CryptoHopper
  5. CoinSmart
  7. TradeSanta
  9. Zignaly
  10. Trality
  11. HaasOnline
  12. 3Commas
  13. Bitsgap

#1 Pionex – Most Recommended Crypto Bot

Best for Auto-Trading for Beginners and Advanced Traders.

Pionex is our top choice for the crypto trading bot as it comes with 16 built-in trading bots and charges only 0.05% of fees for its usage. They have remained profitable for the users and can do trading for the user. 

The Grid Trading Bot is its most popular crypto trading bot that can help users buy low and sell high. While the arbitrage bot helps users leverage the future market– a powerful brokerage system by Binance to pay users after every 8 hours. 

Features of Pionex

  • A small fee of just 0.05% of trade for maker and taker.
  • The users get to use 16 trading bots free 
  • 5x leverage is provided by the Leverage Grid Bot
  • The user can earn 15-50% APR for a low risk with Spot Futures Arbitrage bot
  • The users can use Grid Trading Bot that automatically buys low and sells high for the users
  • The one-time fluctuation sell profit can be made with Martingale bot 
  • The user can use the Rebalancing bot for holding the coins.
  • All other bots have specific features that can be used to make profit with 

Visit Pionex Website

#2) Botsfolio

Botsfolio – Highly recommended for cheap bot trading

Botsfolio does not require any trading or technical skills. The users are required to connect their crypto exchange accounts and explain the strategy for investment. This bot will trade in money for the users without any prior skills. The users can monitor the progress of trade on their dashboard. The users with accounts on Coinbase Pro, OKx and Bianance can enjoy automated crypto trading as the APIs are used to connect them automatically. 

Once the user transfers funds into one of these DEXs, then they can link the accounts to Botsfolio, then define the investment strategy such as hedge trading, future trading or value trading and amount of money for each strategy. Then the bot will start applying these rules without any human intervention. 

Features of Botsfolio

  • The user can join its socials including telegram for for pro tips
  • Payments are accepted in Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin
  • Its software works on intelligent systems to assess risks. 

Trading Fee

  • Portfolio value $1,000-$3,000     $5/month
  • Portfolio value $3,000-$10,000   $10/month
  • Portfolio value $10,000-$50,000 $15/month
  • Portfolio value $50,000-$100,000 $20/month
  • 15% performance fee charged quarterly on profits.

Visit Botsfolio

#3) CoinRule

CoinRule – Highly recommended for mobile bot trading

It has a regular version which anyone can use and also a pro version that offers sophisticated services, CoinRule is a cloud based crypto trading bot operating from the U.K. The users can connect their Binance, Huobi, Bitfinex, OKEx, and HitBTC accounts. The best part about CoinRule is there is no fee charged and the users can make use of 7,000 available sets of strategies to devise their trading plans. 

It allows trading in a number of different coins and does not support TA (Technical Analysis). However the users can use TradingView for tips and new ideas. 

Features of CoinRule

  • CoinsRule has iOS and Android apps as well
  • It uses indicators like MACD, Bollinger Bands and RSI etc.
  • The users can join its socials and get help through live telegram chat and email.
  • It also has a pro version that offers trading templates 


  • Free basic account with limited features
  • Premium $30/month
  • Traders $60/month
  • Pro $450/month

Visit CoinRule Website

#4) CryptoHopper

CryptoHopper is the best choice for beginner and advanced traders

Another cloud-based crypto trading bot on our list is CryptoHopper after CoinRule. It uses a specific algorithm for trading. The users can use external signals for making profitable profits. The users are allowed to use these signals for all the popular crypto exchanges such as Binance, Kraken KuCoin and CoinBase etc. 

The users can leverage signals on CrypotHopper from varying sources. It uses about 30 indicators and 90 candle patterns to help users make profits while it’s based in Amsterdam. CryptoHopper allows users to trade in more than 70 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. 

Features of Cryptohopper 

  • It uses Stoch, RSI, Bollinger Bands 
  • It allows users to use its tools such as bot backtesting, configurable templates, trails and many technical indicators.
  • It’s just web front no apps


  • Free trial
  • Plans 1 $19/month
  • Plan 2 $49/month
  • Plan 3 $99/month

Visit CryptoHopper Website

#5 CoinSmart

Best crypto bot for same-day crypto to fiat conversions

CoinSmart has no actual trading bot or APIs for connecting DEX accounts. The users can do manual trading of crypto for a dozen coins. The users can leverage over-the-counter, brokerage,  trade limit orders, stop-loss, retail crypto and live charts to make profits.  The users can deposit FIAT currencies through wire transfer, SEPA, Interac, and also through banks.

Features of CoinSmart

  • Intelligent tracking of portfolio
  • Fastest processing and crypto buying 
  • The users can also swap less popular coins without any meddling such as converting into Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

Just sign up required

Visit CoinSmart Website


Highly recommended trading bot for high stakers or for holding crypto

Although does not own any trading bot, the users are allowed to connect other Exchange through APIs to use their bots for margin, derivative trading and spot trading. The users are required to create a verified account and create the APIs using Create API function on Once all this is done, the users can leverage margin trading 10 times and loan their holdings for about 50% which is a huge profiteering venture. 

Features of trading bot

  • Visa Card is a big product of this platform 
  • It has apps for iOS and Android 
  • It offers 14.5% for the first deposits 
  • It also offers NFTs 
  • Offers all type of trading 



#7 TradeSanta

Highly recommended for long and short trading

This is another cloud based trading bot and its algorithm is highly suitable for all new and old users. It works round the clock so the users do not need to be available for profiting from it. You can use it to hook your DEX exchanges. 

The users can use long/short tactics, different indicators and its live support is always there. Its algorithm can be used for buying low and selling high. SmartOrder can be used for placing conscious orders using grid or DCA bots. 

Features of TradeSanta

  • The users can use a number of bots 
  • It uses different indicators such as Bollinger Bands, MACD, and RSI.
  • It has great round the clock support 
  • It has apps for iOS and Android users 


  • It has a free plan that users can use that allows 2 bots max. 
  • The premium package for $10.5/month lets users use 49 bots. 
  • For the price of $70/month the users can utilize all of its bots 
  • It also has a 5 day free trial that you can use before premium subscription  

Visit TradeSanta Website


This is the best trading bot for social and copy trading

This platform offers trading in a different way as it also serves as a portfolio management tool. The users can also use trading tools to track portfolios on different DEXs as many as 16 of them including the most popular ones. Its trading bot can also be used for trading with the help of indicators. 

So you can follow the accounts by rebalancing your portfolio with its automation. If the account you are following changes your portfolio will automatically change. This is what makes Shrimpy very useful for the traders as it allows users to track every strategy of the users they are following. 

Shrimpy is an awesome platform that works on a somewhat shared system by allowing other users to follow the ones that are making profits on socials. Even if they are beginners. So when the users follow trades of other users, they can also see their cryptocurrencies on their portfolios that lets them know everything about them including how they are making profits. In fact every activity of the users that are making profits can be reused by the new users. 

Features of Shrimpy trading bot

  • Backtesting feature tests your bots before kicking off automated portfolio allocation strategies.
  • It offers awesome affiliate commission of 50% 
  • It does not have any apps and can be used on only web


  • Starter plan costs $15/month
  • Professional plan costs $63/month
  • Enterprise $299/month

Visit Shrimpy Website

#9 Zignaly

Best crypto trading bot for the beginners and expert traders 

Zignaly is a very different trading bot on our list as compared to others. The users can build their own trading strategies or use third-party tactics for their own. It makes it the best choice for the users just starting over crypto trading and for the most part it’s free. 

It also allows users to trade either manually or automate them and all types of trading signals can be used without any specifications. It all depends on the users whether you want to trade in pairs or positions. 

The APIs are used to allow users to connect their DEX accounts off Binance, KuCoin and several other exchanges. 

Features of Zignaly trading bot

  • It allows copy trading feature to let new users copy trading strategies of pro traders while starting their journey 
  • You can also sell signals, buy or just use them for free
  • It works on DCA rebuy 
  • TradingView can be used 
  • All apps available 


  • It’s free to use

Visit Zignaly Website

#10 Trality

Highly useful to build bots and sell 

Trality gives you access to an easy coding editor to create your own trading bot. You can use these drag-drop tools. The expert devs can make even more from these tools. So anyone can create his own trading bot and deploy to trade on DEX through APIs. So building trading strategies or trading in other markets is all to the user’s discretion. 

So if you know the coding basics this trading bot is definitely for you. 

Features of Trality trading bot

  • Backtesting 
  • It supports Binance, CoinBase, Bitpanda and KraKen only 
  • App available 


  • It’s free plan allows trading of about €5,000
  • Knight plan €9.99/month
  • Rook plan €39.99/month
  • Queen plan €59.99/month

Visit Trality Website

#11 HaasOnline

Highly rated trading bot for leverage, institutional or expert trading 

One of the oldest and highly reliable crypto trading bot is HaasOnline. It’s more useful for expert traders and best for the ones who have been into Forex and Stock trading. The bot allows users to connect their DEX accounts with the help of APIs for spot and leverage trading strategies. 

Those who are familiar with HaasScript can create and test their own strategy and unique ability to trade or start over from scratch. So those familiar with HaasScript can devise their own strategies. 

Features of HaasOnline trading bot

  • The users can use 15 different types of custom bots for scalping, backtesting, paper trading, arbitrages and others 
  • You can also create your own order templates 
  • Uses MACD and other indicators 
  • The users can easily leverage the market data and charts to automate their strategies. 
  • Apps for iOS and Android users 


  • It is not free and the only trial period for the users is available is a 2-week trial license for just 0.001 BTC. The licensing fee is 0.047 BTC.  

Visit HaasOnline Website

#12 3Commas

A good choice for automated trading 

The trading bot 3Commas helps users to automate their crypto trading bots on more than 20 crypto exchanges including the popular ones first. The dollar-cost averaging can be used and also TradingView can be integrated for signals. 

It also allows users to analyze portfolios and do copy-trading. This platform is so popular that each day more than $10 million are transacted by 3,000 users on its platform. 

Features 3Commas trading bot

  • Its risk management tools are very useful for traders as they help users to buy and sell in pairs of coins. 
  • The users can use order types, including limit, trailing, market, take profit and stop loss.
  • Apps for iOS and Android 


  • Starter $14.50 
  • Pro $24.50 
  • Advanced $49.50

Visit 3Commas Website

#13 BitsGap

Best for arbitrage across multiple crypto exchanges

BitsGap allows its users to trade automatically and connect their accounts on 25 DEXs. The free trial period is 14 days so the users can easily understand whether they should trade or not on this platform. The facebook and Google accounts can be used for connecting. You can also try its demo before actually buying into a plan. 

The users can arbitrage by making use of trading signals at the right time. The portfolio tracking is also a useful feature for automating arbitrage. 

Features of BitsGap trading bot

  • Backtesting is provided to let you optimize pre-configured trading bots during both bull and bear markets. 
  • The users can trade on different exchanges randomly 
  • Allows users to follow portfolios 
  • No apps 


  • Basic plan $19/month
  • Advanced $44/month
  • Pro $110/month

Visit BitsGap Website


Always check each plan and the services you get back for choosing a crypto trading bot. So choosing the one which does not cost much gives back more services like backtesting, automated crypto trading, and comes with different indicators and strategies. Even the ones which allow copying other strategies and also has apps not just a webfront platform.

So if you have questions about whether or not these crypto trading bots work, they are for automated trading. They are the best if you have understood how they work at the backend to make good profits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crypto Trading Bots 

Do crypto trading bots work? 

Some of the crypto trading bots do amazing jobs but not all of them are as effective as they should be. They can work as long as the bots are programmed to predict, automate and place orders. They make profits on the basis of these basics. 

The highly efficient crypto trading bots can make big profits after adjusting risk. So if someone wants to hold them for a little longer the profits can be even bigger. More importantly, the profit depends on the programming. 

How Crypto Trading Bots Make Profits?

The users need to configure bots accurately so that they can make profits on their investments. The efficient crypto bots will always make profits or at least reduce the losses at best. Anyone who wants to configure them properly needs to understand them first. So it depends on understanding the mechanism and using it accordingly. 

Are crypto trading bots legal? 

Yes, the bots used for crypto trading are legal and anyone can use them. This is not the first time that few people are using them for crypto, the trading bots have been used for forex and stocks etc. 

Should I use a crypto trading bot? 

The crypto trading bots are very useful tools to make good profits, that’s a fact. They amplify efficiency, deduct errors and increase speed.   

The crypto bots use price volatility like no ordinary human. They easily manage to make profits even on small price changes. The market changes can easily be tracked. So anyone can use them. You can try one of the bots mentioned below which are not just ranked by us but are very popular across the whole world. 

How do bots make money in crypto trading?

The trading bots get random data and insights from many sources. They used that data to make intelligent decisions and that data can be current or historic. Then they use programmed tactics to analyze data and compare it with market trends that can be a price change due to volatility and so on. Once the data is analyzed and sorted, they make smart decisions. As these bots can be either being used on a DEX or using APIs for orders. Either way, the bots can quickly analyze data and execute orders. 

They save us tons of work and effort. The information stored in mathematical patterns that are coded in price charts to help the traders get data through them in the form of signals. While the bots use these charts to deduce signals to be used by them. Those mathematical data patterns can be fibonacci, averages, relative strength indexes or standard derivations or all of them. 

How much can a beginner day trader in crypto make? 

The day-traders make good money every day. With a good day trading strategy of 4:1 leverage one can make around $163,000 per annum. While trading crypto they can make around $78 per hour averaging around $45. 

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