Free Dogecoin Mining Sites That Are Worth Trying

Dogecoin has surged in value within a few months which is incredible and trade experts cannot believe it either but they have to accept the statistics. So now it’s going to cost you if you want to buy a good chunk of dogecoins. What if you want to get in on the action and don’t want to spend any money well you are in luck. 

It’s through this post that you are going to know about three different sure ways you can earn dogecoin for free today. Although all the three methods to get free dogecoins are tested, the last method is the best way to make dogecoins absolutely free. 

Method #1 Dogecoin Faucets 

The first method is through dogecoin faucets. These sites pay very small amounts of crypto for free. If you want to try them you can but it takes such a long time to reach the payout amount. 

Here are the two dogecoin faucets if you are interested: 

1- Doge Faucet:

The first is Doge Faucet. You just put in your address and get your free dogecoins. You will get about .005 doge which is about a 10th of a cent. The payout level is 5 doge and you can get more every three hours. So if you did it every time you could. It would take about 4 months to reach the 5 Doge payout level. 

2- Fire Faucet:

The other dogecoin faucet is Fire Faucet. You need to create an account and it has offers and surveys but it also has an auto faucet which allows you to be paid in doge. 

Methods #2 Survery/Ads Sites 

1- Idle Empire

The second method is through surveys/ad sites you can earn USD by taking surveys but also crypto. A website that allows you to do that is called Idle Empire. Now they don’t have dogecoin specifically but you can redeem as little as 10 cents worth of bitcoin, send it to your wallet and then exchange it for dogecoin. Now one could argue that you could use any survey site to get dogecoin but what is special about Idle Empire is that you can redeem your coins for so little. No other site that you might come across lets you redeem your points for just 10 cents. So if you are interested here’s the link.

2- Earn Crypto

Another very reliable free cryptocurrency website in this category is Not only can you earn Dogecoin but you can earn so many other different coins. However you should do the same method like Idle Empire. The minimum withdrawal amount for doge is really high at 2000 dogecoins which is more than 600 dollars. We would suggest using a different currency as Litecoin etc. You can take a couple of surveys and you’d be able to easily reach the only .002 litecoin minimum withdrawal requirement. In case you are wondering, that’s 66 cents compared to 2000 dogecoins. Here is the link

Method #3 CoinBase Earn

The last method which will become your favorite way eventually and you will earn about 20 to 30 dollars worth of dogecoin–this is Coinbase earn. Now you are probably thinking they only offer random cryptos that I have never heard of but when you complete the videos and quizzes to earn them you can exchange all the other crypto for dogecoin. 

However, Coin Market Cap also has a similar program which lets you earn free crypto coins. Those are the best ways to get free dogecoins or any other cryptocurrencies because you get it already in an exchange wallet and you can get a decent amount of dogecoin for that. Here is the link for Coin Market Cap:

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