Free NFT Art Minting And Selling With No Upfront Cost

step-by-step guide to create free NFTs and sell them

This step by step guide will walk you through how exactly you need to make NFTs free so you can sell your digital art as NFTs and make money as a creator, artist. 

Let’s have a look into how often the NFTs are being created right now.  If you open the OpenSea platform and surf through activity you will look at that and if the collectibles are being traded sold every single minute. There has never been a better opportunity for digital artists to earn money from doing what the artists truly love. There are different categories for different collections. Here is the example shown below in the image. 

There are three basic steps of creating free NFTs


1. Create an NFT digital art piece 

There are three things we need to start. First thing is obviously art, something that we want to sell and make an NFT. Typically that would be an image or a video or an animation, a 3d model everything that you can create. You know produce with your creative brain and skills an example would be the 3d animations that you see everywhere getting sold which are very easy to create. 

2. Crete a digital wallet 

The second thing yu need is a digital wallet where you have to store all the earnings from selling NFTs. The best option for wallet is using MetaMask which has a browser extension that directly connects to sites like OpenSea etc. where we will mint our NFTs for free. 

3. Sign up on OpenSea

 The third thing and the last is to get an account on OpenSea.  The platform where to list the NFTs and offer them to the buyers. Once someone buys it you will get paid. 

Let’s dig down deep in details to walk you through all the three steps of creating your first NFT free

1. Create a NFT digital art piece

There are many easy ways you create any NFT. For example creating any type of digital art typically you would use photoshop for digital paintings. Besides,  you can also use after effects. It’s a powerful tool where you can create a lot of things both in 2D and 3D. It’s one of those stable Software. However, if you don’t want to use photoshop or AfterEffects there’s this website called where you can use emojis as a brush to paint anything that you know. Just imagine many such paintings with those emojis from are also being sold for quite a lot of money. 

Krita – Free Animation Software for NFTs

However, for some reasons if you don’t want to settle on Photoshop or there are other options that you can use and might find them better. Here is one more example for creating NFTs for free. Instead you can also use free software like Krita. It’s also a great tool for digital paintings and it’s free for animations that comes with surprisingly a lot of features that can help you make NFTs absolutely free without using any cash on premium tools. 

Blender – Use Blender to create amazing NFTs

You can really go a bit better when it comes to 3D art and modeling by using Blender. As Blender is a free open source software for creating 3D models. It’s such a powerful tool that many of the animated movies are created on it. So you can find it really useful for creating your NFT 3D models. 

Apart from Blender others are good competitors but they are paid so go with Blender for 3D. It’s easy and it’s free. Honestly, the 3D NFT model creations part is up to you. You know your practiced tools the best. So just use anything that you love. If you love Coca-Cola just create NFT art with Coca-Cola no one will care and you actually might be very very unique in that field right. Just spraying the Coca-Cola all over your apartment and just you know take a snapshot of it and you have an NFT art piece ready. 

2.Create a digital wallet – Here is How to create and sync wallet for NFTs

The easiest way to get your wallet is MetaMask. Go straight to the download page and install the extension to your browser. The other window will open and you can just add to any browser you are using–it supports all.

Creating Wallet  

Then click ‘Create a Wallet’ on the right, agree with the terms. It does not have other options right.

Then fill in your secret password and press create the secret backup seed phrase. It is really important because it will help you restore the account in case of forgetting the password.

A key seed or backup phrase is a list of random words that you need to keep safe somewhere that you can use to change or create a new password, whatever that may be. You have to confirm the backup phrase by picking the words from the list down below box in the exact order order. 

Then finally allow access to MetaMask from the extensions’ bar to your top-right corner

3. Sign up on OpenSea 

Since we want to Create and sell NFTs without cost we should decide where you will be selling NFT art. The OpenSea why and not other sites like Rarible etc. It’s super rare because selling on OpenSea is free. So if you like free stuff and you know there’s nothing better than free food and free sites where you can sell NFTs, nothing’s better than that. OpenSea offers Lazy NFT minting. OpenSea offers lazy NFTs which means an art piece becomes an NFT after getting sold. 

While on sites like Rarible etc. the NFT is required to be created right when you upload it which means that you have to pay the money up front. So yes the risk here is obvious you will spend so much money just to create the NFTs but the question is will it be actually sold to someone? 

So that’s why on OpenSea you can upload as many pieces of art as possible without paying anything and that’s why it’s called a free NFT platform while it still lets you make a lot of money. So you can just go and list the art piece on OpenSea. 

How here is how to create and sell NFTs without any upfront cost

  • Go to OpenSea
  • Choose the metamask as a wallet 
  • Confirm everything and the wallet is connected to OpenSea
  • Click on create and then choose create collection

Here is how to proceed for selling NFTs without an upfront payment. We have mentioned below steps that need to be taken to put as many NFTs as you want on OpenSea for free. 

Create NFT Collection (This is step just for the new users)

  • Click on create collection 
  • Start by uploading new NFT collection’s logo 
  • Then fill its name and description 
  • Press create 

Minting NFT Art on OpenSea 

Now you need to start adding the items that you will actually sell. You can do that in the first place as well.  

  • Click to add a new item.
  • You will see there is plenty of formats that you can upload but stick with that you need to upload
  • Add its preview image 
  • Fill its name 
  • The interesting part of NFTs is the metadata. You can add various types here on OpenSea. For example you can also add the information that only the owner will see.
  • Select the collection from drop-down menu 
  • Ethereum is selected as a default Blockchain. In order to create a free NFT you should select Polygon.
  • Finish it by pressing create 

Then go to see your newly added NFTs—the step that you were waiting for the whole time. 

Sell Your NFT Finally 

  • There are two basic ways of selling it either for a fixed price or an auction. So give your NFT a price in Ethereum in order to add it to the listing.  
  • Even though we have selected Polygon blockchain for our NFT  still we need to sell it in Ethereum. Now post the listing. 
  • Once you click Complete Listing it will toggle MetaMask to sign 
  • Click Sign and that’s all

You have just created your NFT for free and listed it for sale. There is one important thing that you need to keep in mind while creating your NFT for free. When you upload your NFT and add descriptions, you must select Polygon blockchain from the dropdown menu. 


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