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New Gaming Crypto Coins That Are Emerging As New Millionmakers

Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market is starting to recover and some altcoins are reaching new all-time highs. We researched about the  five crypto gaming altcoins that could potentially make the next millionaires in 2022 and the best part is some of these coins haven’t even hit the market yet. So if you like all coins and gaming with cryptocurrency let’s get into our five crypto gaming coins that could potentially make the next millionaires. Now of course this is not financial advice, you need to do your own research and you should never risk more than you can afford to lose.

#1 SHILL Token

The first coin is Project SEED that has absolutely exploded. The coin is called Project SEED and the coin token name is the SHILL token. The project seed is transforming the play to earn space. It is going to be a one-stop blockchain gaming ecosystem that accelerates mass adoption. Project SEED aims to revolutionize the mobile gaming industry with a whole new level implementing blockchain technology and introducing play to earn. Project SEED is starting with their very first game which is going to be an action role playing game where players fight their way to uncover the truth about keepers of existence. You will get to pick your favorite characters, you will also have weapons where you are able to upgrade to defeat your foes and there’s going to be an entire ecosystem. They’re going to have a gaming studio, NFTs, GameFi and is going to be a GameFi metaverse ecosystem. It is also being incubated on Selenium. If you check it on CoinMarketCap you can see that the total token price is $0.4583. They are very new but you can see they are moving back towards the upside and we just broke a major resistance point and this is why this project still has some massive potential. This is why project seed and the SHILL token is your first crypto gaming altcoin gem that has massive upside potential.

#2 Mytheria

  The second crypto gaming altcoin gem that has massive potential and can make millionaires is going to be Mytheria. The current price action Mytheria is the first pioneered NFT game offering an exclusive create to earn community for artists including you with the name of the artist community. GODFORGE. The Godforge is an exclusive community where you can freely display your artworks and even create your own characters. You can also earn attractive incomes because your artwork can be traded and auctioned. Your artwork can also be selected to incorporate some of the game universe through the voting system. If you take a look at the price of Mytheria it is sitting at $1.10. It actually is incubated on Polkastarter and if we take a look on Polkastarter you can see the price per token at the pre-sale was $0.135 cents and Mytheria literally sitting at its all-time high is up more than 20x since that price. This is why it is so important to get into these pre-sales when you have a chance to.

#3 Lovelace

To make a good profit over investment we need to learn how to get in with Polkastarter and many other of these launch pads and incubators. As the third gaming coin on this list is called Lovelace World. You can see if you would have gotten it early to LACE list it literally listed at two cents and went all the way as high as $0.5724. Congratulations if you got into the lovelace pre-sale earlier. This small early step could have been a savior for your investment. You are sitting on some very very sweet profits.

#4 Wilder World

The fourth cryptocurrency related to gaming and metaverse play that is absolutely exploding on our list is Wilder World. Once again congratulations if you made some pre-sale purchases on this one as well and enjoyed some sweet profits. Even when Bitcoin and some of these other coins are going down Wilder World you can see on CoinMarketCap sitting at approximate all-time highs right now. Let’s dig deep and find out what Wilder World is and why it still has some massive upside potential. Wilder World is an immersive 5d metaverse built on Ethereum using unreal engine 5 and 0. now let me share with you more about what this method is going to have and just looking at the graphics it looks absolutely beautiful while the world is going to have something called wilder Wheels. This is going to be a unique collection of generated 5D NFT vehicles to race in the metaverse.
  • They are also going to have kicks.
  • This is going to be unique lines of rare 5D metaverse kicks with dynamic gameplay abilities
  • It also going to have Cribs
  • This is going to be your home in the metaverse with futuristic condos with spawning views of wyoming and just taking a look at this, it looks absolutely beautiful.
While the world is also going to have land this is where you’re going to be able to build and developer in Wyoming with your favorite crypto communities and allies. The  Wilder World will also have a Guild. This is where you’re going to be able to interact with in-world creators by leading artists in the digital art and NFT space. The Wilder World is also going to have a metaverse marketplace. This is where you’re gonna be able to buy and sell and trade things in the metaverse. There’s a few more details. If you go to the Wilder World platform you will see close to 5000 items already in the domain but there are only a total of 1500 owners. There is a floor price of three WILD and the amount of wild and volume is absolutely insane. You can see 19 million dollars has been traded. This is a lot of volume especially for a brand new metaverse project. If we take a look at the price of Wilder World at the time of writing this post you can see it’s sitting at $3.26. If we take a look at the max chart you can see it is definitely moving up and to the right again this is because of this metaverse narrative. It’s still sitting at a market cap of only approximately 300+ million dollars. If Wilder World  continues to develop and more and more people start to figure out these metaverses this is one you definitely want to have on your radar. It looks like it is going to continue moving towards the upside of 8-10 dollars in the very near future and that is a very nice doubling of your money. So congratulations if you have taken action on this cryptocurrency and this is why Wilder World is your fourth crypto gaming and metaverse coin that still has some massive upside potential.

#5 Bit Hotel

The fifth crypto gaming coin seems set to explode and is one that is going to be coming out in the very near future is one called Bit Hotel. Bit Hotel is an online social NFT game that will use bit hotel coin as its in-game currency. The players will collect NFT items and characters and are able to display them in their room or in mini-games. Each room and common room functions as a chat room where you can hang out, chat or trade with other players. And also the players can battle it out in one of the mini-games to earn token rewards and withdraw them to their wallets. Now Bit Hotel has partnered with Ferrum Network engine starter and many other partners which will take it to the next level. In the bit hotel ecosystem they’re going to have to play to earn staking—a scoreboard, a marketplace, socializing and relationships. They’re also going to have in-game NFTs and there’s only going to be limited quantities released each month with their marketplace which is coming soon. This is where you are going to be able to buy, sell and trade these different NFTs and many other items. This project gives some very positive vibes.

#6 Cryptopolis CPO

Cryptopolis CPO is the 6th gaming related coin that has exploded recently. Cryptopolis is a METAVERSE NFT based game that lets you collect, earn, win and display your NFTs while playing and socializing with your friends. Even though it’s new still it has got a lot of potential and can rise like none other on this list. This is another project that is up more than 35x at the time in the last month. You can see it is standing at $0.12 cents. It is literally more than 30x times. So Cryptopolis is going to be another bonus if you are looking for a reasonable metaverse, gaming and NFT related project. It’s totally a different genre because it’s gaming in the metaverse as well. This one is still very undervalued sitting at a market cap of only 28 million dollars and is definitely a low cap gem. This one’s market cap is smaller and makes it a little bit riskier to say the least so please make sure to always do your own research. This is not financial advice.

#7 Enjinstarter

The 7th crypto gaming altcoin gem that seems to multiply exponentially and potentially make you the next crypto gaming millionaire is going to be Enjinstarter. Basically what Enjinstarter is is it’s the next generation launch pad for blockchain games and metaverse. You can see they have a lot of new upcoming projects. If you take a look at their completed projects many of these have done very well so far for their investors. This is just the beginning. Enjinstarteris a gaming launch pad focused on growing the engine ecosystem and the metaverse. If you take a look at the Enjin coin which is another super bonus altcoin. It can help you become the next crypto millionaire. You can see Enjin reaching all-time highs right now over 1 billion dollars in volume. It’s clear that the Enjinstarter and Enjin coin itself still have some massive upside potential and this is why they are your next big altcoin gems. The best way to make money is always with the new coins. It is also always more profitable. By participating in the presale of such new projects early before anyone else and making money. Even if the market is going up and down there is so much opportunity with these new projects.

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