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how to mine crypto on android phone?

The best mobile cryptocurrency mining apps for android. So apps that you can install on your phone and with little to no effort you will basically be able to receive existing and future cryptocurrencies for free. There are however a few things that we need to point out before we jump into the list of the top five mobile cryptocurrency apps for android.

Phone mining and Google Play Store 

While here you see the best android mining picks. There’s still the chance that there are other better apps out there that we haven’t discovered yet that might be even better. We know that you are looking for apps to mine cryptocurrency on your phone but there’s one thing you need to understand that it’s next to impossible to put a mining android app on Google Play Store. They just don’t allow any crypto mining apps there yet you can still use these phone mining apps. 

Does Android mining really exist?

If you download Android mining apps on your phone from Google’s play store, they need to undergo some kind of certification or check through google and google simply doesn’t allow apps to actually mine on your phone. So any kind of mining app that you can find for android if it’s listed in the google play store will not actually mine in the true sense of the word. 

However, it’s great because it means it will not cause any kind of battery drain and so on. But it can only be something like cloud mining. 

On the other hand if you would find an app where you can download the application package so the apk file directly onto your phone. Those apps would be able to actually use the hardware of your phone for mining. However your phone’s hardware has way too little power to actually be profitable in mining or to mine. It would actually basically drain your battery and basically cause your phone will decline faster. 

So you would notice that your phone basically becomes useless faster than it usually would. So it’s definitely not advised downloading any apk packages. You should stick with the apps that you can find in the google play store but you should be aware that they are not actually mining on your phone but in most cases they do cloud mining or you are simply getting some coins credited for distribution in the future.

Best Mobile Mining Apps For Android

#1 Hi Dollars

There are loads of mining apps that claim as such. However, the first mining app we consider among the best mobile mining apps that you currently can use for android is called Hi Dollars. It’s a project that aims to become a new crypto platform for basically trading crypto and financial services. They just launched a few months ago and recently crossed the 100000-user-mark. With Hi dollars you basically don’t even have to use a distinctive or native app, all you need to do is either use their web app at or their telegram bot. You need to sign up and create your account. Then claim rewards once per day. 

So within the chatbot or within the Hi Dollar web app you can push a button you will be asked a question like what’s your favorite color etc. For answering that question you will receive a certain amount of Hi Dollar that currently has a theoretical value but you currently cannot exchange them.

Now there are a few things that are important to know:

  • What’s really important to know is first of all, all the rewards that you earn are locked for a period of one year. So if you claim your daily rewards today you will be able to use or exchange those Hi Dollars exactly in a year from now. 
  • Secondly, Hi Dollars is an Ethereum based token recently launched. But has gained immense popularity. 
  • The Hi Dollars plans to launch their own blockchain in the future. 
  • All the people behind Hi Dollars include but are not limited to the former CEO of and the former CMO of So the project has very very deep pockets. 
  • We can see alone that the domain that is used for the project is very credible.
  • One of the things that really experts like a lot about Hi Dollars is the speed of progress that they’re making. They literally just launched a few months ago and crossed the 100,000 user milestone in no time at all. 
  • Initially, they only offered their services for a few markets. They expanded dramatically or very fast to new markets so people from almost all of the world can now sign up and create their free Hi Dollars account considering that all you have to do is basically answer one question per day. 
  • You also get referral rewards when you tell your friends about it and combined with the fact that it’s quite new. So you basically get in early into that project as it’s one of the most promising projects out there especially because of the qualified team behind the project.

#2 Phoneum

The number two of the mobile cryptocurrency mining apps for android on this list is Phoneum. Phoneum is a cryptocurrency that’s based on Tron. So it’s a TTC-10 token and Phoneum offers a bunch of different apps which are by itself small mobile games where you can spin a wheel or collect and trade cards etc. and in return you earn something called the Phoneum token. Phoneum is already tradable on the probit exchange and an additional exchanges as well.

The best part is Phoneum already has a value which means just by using an app for a minute or two per day depending on which of the games you are playing and so on you actually receive Phoneum tokens that you can then collect or sent to the Probit Exchange again also requiring a minimum amount of 20000 Phoneum and there exchange it into any other cryptocurrency or into your fiat currency. 

Is Phoneum available on iOS?

The only downside is that the Phoneum project brings with it is that it’s currently limited to Android only. However that leaves the small risk that if the Phoneum team doesn’t manage to adapt to iOS as well properly that the value of Phoneum tokens might plummet a little bit. But in the end you literally get a free real cryptocurrency that you can already exchange just for using an app once per day for a few minutes or you take it simple and you just use the Phoneum cloud mining app where you only have to start and confirm your mining session once per week and you receive a small amount of Phoneum credited for that period of time as well. 

Does Phoneum mining drains your phone?

It’s just a cloud mining session that’s running and basically for confirming that session and then a week later for ending that session you receive around 200 Phoneum. Although that amount varies over time depending on how many users are active and so on. Obviously those 200 Phoneums that you earn with the cloud mining session would basically indicate that it takes you two years to reach the 20,000 Phoneum to withdraw or exchange your coins. 

How much can I earn with Phoneum?

However, when you go ahead and also invest roughly one minute or two minutes of your time every day to do the task within the crypto cards app that Phoneum provides. There you can basically earn between 250 and up to 500 Phoneums per day. For those two minutes of effort, making it a far shorter period of time until you actually reach the amount that is required to exchange or withdraw your Phoneum tokens. 

One of the biggest benefits of Phoneum is however that it’s already a real cryptocurrency so it’s not something where you put in any effort and you don’t know if it will be ever listed on exchange but because it’s already exchangeable you actually already get some monetary value for the little effort that it takes to earn those coins. 

#3 GeoCash 

Now GeoCash is kind of like a hate-love project for most of the users. They have a great idea but it’s hard to agree with everything they did or the way they do it. But it’s still one of the apps that we recommend to everyone since we are talking about free crypto earning on the phone. GeoCash allows you to earn a real cryptocurrency– the geodb token. It is based on the

Binance blockchain, By literally doing nothing all you have to do is install the app on your phone. Sign up, then you can create your wallet and then basically by sharing your location data with GeoCash you start to receive geo tokens. 

so it takes, depending on how much you are moving around a few days before you see your first rewards. But what you are earning there is actually already a real cryptocurrency. Now because it’s a binance-based token so based on the Binance blockchain. 

When you want to redeem your rewards you will need to have a small amount of BNBs in your wallet. So that you can exchange or redeem your Geo tokens into actual exchangeable tokens that you can then again exchange into other cryptocurrencies or real money. It also means 

How much can I earn with GeoCash?

GeoCash is not something that will pay you a lot of money in a day but considering that all it takes is to install the app make sure that you have the location sharing enabled and then you can just forget it and check it every couple of months or every few years and you will actually look at a monetary value for just having the app running.

Is there a red flag for sharing your data with GeoCash?

It’s actually a great project now that some people might be worried about privacy. If you look into the white paper for GeoCash and GeoDB you will see that the data that you are sharing with them is actually anonymized and bundled and so on and then sold to advertisers. So there’s no way for an advertiser or whoever wants to purchase those data bundles to actually draw conclusions to your specific movements and the company behind GeoCash is called GeoDB. 

Earning cryptocurrency for sharing supermarket receipt pictures 

The company is also working on other apps that will allow you for example to take pictures of receipts in the supermarket and so on and share those as well. Again data would be anonymized and you would burn Geo tokens in return. However, obviously scanning your receipts or taking pictures of them takes some effort and you have to think about it and in comparison to that GeoCash actually doesn’t require you to do anything. 

So as said all you have to do is: 

  • Install the app 
  • Grant location permissions
  • Set up your wallet 
  • Just keep the app on your phone

GeoCash doesn’t constantly use your location data. You will also likely not notice any battery drain even if the app runs for months. 

#4 TimeStope

TimeStope is a Korean project that launched in October last year. Basically the cryptocurrency that you can earn or receive for free by pressing a button once per day within TimeStope it’s called confirming your attendance. So within the app you have a calendar icon and you can go there and then you see a stamp and once per day you confirm your attendance. In return you receive something called tau or time. 

How to use TimeStope Time cryptocurrency?

Basically you keep earning the ‘time’ for a certain period of time. You will eventually be able to exchange that into other cryptocurrencies. It’s a cryptocurrency that you can earn literally for free just by opening an app once per day and confirming your attendance just like with the previous app. 

Is TimeStope worth investing in?

It’s hard to say anything about this token. They are new and there’s a lot that needs to be understood for investing in it. But for earning free crypto coins it’s worthy of your attention. As all it requires is just attendance. 

#5 StormGain

The last mobile cryptocurrency app for android that application is called StormGain. Now StormGain is a little different because it’s actually a cryptocurrency exchange. They offer native apps for android and iOS and so on. They offer free crypto mining so you can, within their app, every four hours push a button to actually mine bitcoin for free.

How to mine with the StormGain android app?

However there is a catch to it. 

  • First of all you don’t receive bitcoin but you receive the equivalent of USDT. So US dollar Tether 
  • Second of all you cannot withdraw that directly. You need to first mine a total of 10 dollars in USDT. You can then withdraw that from the mining to your StormGain bonus balance 
  • Then use it for trading on StormGain 
  • Then invest those USDT or bonus usdt to be more precise into Bitcoin Ethereum or other cryptocurrency pairs. 
  • Then withdraw your profits if you want to. 

The fact with StormGain still is it’s an app that will not drain your battery. There’s no mining going on your phone. Simply some cloud mining. All you have to do is set yourself some

reminders so that every four hours during the day you quickly open the app and click on activate mining in return. Eventually it may take only a few days or a few weeks for you to reach the 10 or 10 USDT minimum to withdraw. Simply use that for trading and if you are either lucky with your trading decisions or you know what you are doing. You get things right very often you will then be able to withdraw your profits from StormGain considering the minimum withdrawal amounts to your actual crypto wallet. Simply trade further on StormGain and make more profits. 

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