How To Mine Shiba Inu on MacOS?

This guide will show you how you can earn Shiba Inu cryptocurrency by mining on your M1 or intel Mac. We are not recommending that you should or should not mine it. It’s up to you. This post is created to show you how you can mine Shiba Inu on your Mac.

In case you want to experiment with mining or get your hands on some Shiba Inu without having to buy it through an exchange. First you will need a wallet so that you have somewhere to store the Shiba. 

Download a wallet for Shiba Inu

We are going to be using the atomic wallet that can be used to store many different cryptocurrencies including Shiba Inu and as a desktop client available for MacOS,  windows and Linux and iOS or android smartphones on the atomic wallet website.

  • To download Atomic Wallet click on MacOS and safari will ask you if you want to allow downloads from

  • Click allow and the file should be saved to your downloads folder 

  • Open your downloads folder and double-click on the atomic wallet DMG file to mount it, then you can drag the icon into your applications folder 
  • Now open your applications folder and double-click the atomic wallet icon

The first time you run it you will see a message from MacOS saying that atomic wallet is an app downloaded from the internet and asking if you are sure you want to open it 

  • Click on open and atomic wallet will run once it opens 

  • The first thing you will need to do is to create your wallet so click on the button labeled new wallet 
  • On the next page you will be asked to create a password. Choose a password of at least 10 characters and type it onto both lines then click the button labeled set password 
  • On the next page you will be given a 12 word backup phrase you need to write these words down carefully on a piece of paper in the same order that they appear on the screen and keep it somewhere safe.

If you ever lose or forget these words you will no longer have access to your cryptocurrency. Once you have written the words down, click on ‘Open Wallet’ and you will be taken to the main atomic wallet overview screen. That’s it, your wallet has been created.

Install a Shiba Inu Miner 

Now you are ready to start sending or receiving Shiba Inu. Now we need a miner to do the actual mining. To do this we are using xmrig. 

  • Go to the xmrig github page and scroll down until you see assets 
  • Look for the version of xmrig for your Mac 
  • Click on the link to download it. Be careful to download the right version for your Mac if you are using an intel Mac you need to download the version from MacOS x64 and if you have an M1 Mac you need to download the version for MacOS 64

  • Once it’s downloaded open your downloads folder and double-click the xmrig tar file to decompress it 
  • Then drag the entire folder from downloads into your applications folder

How to join a Shiba Inu Pool?

Then find a pool to mine Shiba Inu with. We are  going to use unmineable. Although Shiba Inu is an Ethereum token, the pool lets you mine using the RandomX algorithm. It automatically converts your earnings in real time and pays out in Shiba Inu or another coin that you choose. 

Go to the website and look through the list of cryptocurrencies until you find Shiba Inu.

  • Click on its icon and then on the next page

  • Click RandomX under algorithms at the top

Now we need to configure xmrig to mine to the pool and choose  to be paid in Shiba Inu 

  • xmrig’s configuration is stored in a file called config.json. It’s just the standard text file so you can right click on it and open it up in text-edit 

  • Once it’s open scroll down and look for the section “Pools”
  • There are a couple of things here that we need to change first we need to change the pool address delete the text next to url
  • Then switch to the unmineable website and click where it says ( as shown in the image) under the global server.
  • This will copy the pool address and port number to the clipboard then switch back to textedit and paste to the server address into the text file in place of the address that was there before on the next line where it says user (as shown in the image below)

  • Delete the text that says “Your Wallet Address” and type ship s-h-i-b in uppercase followed by a colon this lets the unmineable pool know that we want to be paid out in Shiba Inu (as shown in the image below)

Now Change the Shiba inu wallet address 

  • Next we need to add “Your Wallet Address” 
  • Switch over to atomic wallet and in the search box at the top type “Shib” to find Shiba Inu
  • Click on the shiba inu icon and then click the button labeled “Receive” a window should appear containing your Shiba Inu wallet address
  • Click on the button labeled copy -the wallet address will be copied. Then switch back to textedit and paste the Wallet Address into the text file immediately.

After the colon after the wallet address type a period and then choose a name for your worker. You can choose any you want. 

  • Now you can just save the file and close textedit

Mining Shiba Inu 

 Now we’re ready to start mining and begin earning some Shiba Inu. 

  • Go to your xmrig folder and  double-click the xmrig icon to run it.
  • The first time you are on xmrig you will see a message from MacOS saying that it can’t be opened because it’s from an unidentified developer. 
  • To bypass this click ok then open “System Preference” and choose “Security and Privacy” at the bottom where it says xmrig was blocked from use.
  • Click “Open Anyway” and then click open. 
  • A new terminal window should open xmrig will connect to the pool and begin mining.
  • If it doesn’t double check that there aren’t any mistakes in the config file especially missing speech marks or commas.

How to withdraw Shiba Inu 

  • To withdraw or get paid Shiba Inu just go to the atomic wallet and copy your wallet address from the atomic wallet.
  • Then paste it into the box on the in “Your SHIB Address” box.
  • Then click on the magnifying glass icon that will bring up your mining stats. At the top in the middle you’ll see how many Shiba Inu tokens you have earned so far.
  • This number will slowly go up as you mine the payout threshold is 700000 Shiba Inu. So once the amount you have earned passes 700 000, you will be paid automatically to the wallet address you specified in the config file.

How much Shiba Inu can you earn or mine?

If you are wondering ‘how much Shiba inu can I make’ on my M1 MacBook Air. You can get about 2180 hashes/second in RandomX that works out to just over 20000 Shiba Inu per day. Although this goes up or down along with the price of SHIB on intel MacBook which can get you about 700 hashes/second which would be about 6600/day shiba inu. However, a high-end core i9 iMac gets around 4000 hashes/second which would earn about 42500/day shiba inu. 

How to decrease CPU usage while mining 

If you find your Mac too slow to use while mining you may want to try reducing the number of cores used. To do this: 

  • Open the config.json file in text-edit 
  • Find the section headed CPU in the CPU section. Look for rxmg and you will see some numbers inside square brackets. Next to it each of these numbers represents a CPU core. To reduce the number of cores used for mining just delete some of the numbers only leaving those that you want to use to mine with.

For example: If you have got 8 cores on my MacBook and you only want to use 4 or 5 cores for mining, leave the other cores by just deleting the other numbers, and then save the file after doing that. The mining hash rate will be reduced but CPU usage will drop dramatically from 100% to only 25% to 30% leaving the other cores to be available to run other applications.

How to decrease Shiba Inu mining fees?

Shiba Inu mining fees is very high at this point. To reduce your mining fee you must use referral code. Use this code v5it-8139 and get your SHIB mining fees reduced to 0.25%.

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