How to Mine Shiba Inu on PC Laptop?

Step by step guide to mine Shiba Inu on desktop and laptop

In this post we are going to show you how to mine Shiba Inu on your laptop or PC.  As we know Shiba Inu has moved from being a meagre memecoin to a whole new ecosystem of its own and its CoinMarketCap portfolio has surpassed Doge’s.
You can also check how to mine shiba inu on Mac if you are more of a Mac user.

Step-by-Step Guide to Mine Shiba Inu on PC/Laptop

  1. Create a New Folder – The first step is to open your downloads folder and create a new folder and name it.

2- Open up your Windows Security Settings go to Virus and Threat Protection, then go to Manage Settings

Scroll down and go to Exclusions. Click on Add/Remove Exclusions, click on Add an Exclusion and then click on the folder you just created from the drop-down. 

Configure Unmineable App

4- The next step is to go to this website unmineable. Once you are on the download page you can click on the beta pack version and then go to the download section. Then click on the folder we just created and click save.

  • Once downloaded just open it up in the folder and extract it into the folder.
  • Once it’s extracted, just run the file, click continue

Select A GPU/CPU

5 – The next thing you can do is select a graphics card/CPU. if you are on an older computer or if you don’t have a high-end graphics card simply select CPU to get started. But if you have a gaming computer or a good graphics card you are going to make more profits by selecting a graphics card.

6 Click next search for Shiba Inu coin in the coins section and select it copy and paste your Shiba Inu wallet address.

7 – Now enter the referral code v5it-8139. Using a referral code reduces 0.25 percent of fees which is already very high. But if you use this code it will be reduced this much. 

8 – Click start and you are already mining 

9 Click allow access.

Increase or decrease unmineable hashrate

There’s one important setting you have to take a look at click on the settings and you can select your mining intensity as either low or high you can change mining algorithm between ETCHASH/ETHASH. If you have VRAM above 4GB, ETHASH is best for you. If your VRAM is less than 4GBs you can only select ETCHAHS.

Set a custom worker name

You can also give a worker name for your PC. Make sure that the referral code v5it-8139 is correct. Y can save and start the miner.  Once you are mining you can click on the STATS button that will open a dashboard where you can see your balance payout and more.

On the dashboard in the bottom you can see your HASHRATE and workers details. You can refresh the total wallet balance and last 24 hour reward.


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