Kickstarter Launches Its Blockchain Version

Kickstarter the crowdfunding king is going to create its version of blockchain on Celo

The CEO Aziz Hasan along with its founder-Chairman Perry Chen in their Thursday announcement, posted the news on Kickstarter blog. They claim that the move is a conscious decision made for the betterment of the platform despite strong negation by the users. 

“Our mission to help bring creative projects to life is a pledge to help unlock this latent potential in people and their ideas. To truly serve that mission, we need to build on what made Kickstarter so innovative in the first place: the power of a large network of people working together towards a common goal.

So, today we’re announcing our commitment to a more open, collaborative, and decentralized future.” they said on Kickstarter 

So the platform wants to help more creators by creating its decentralized version. They believe the platform can improve by moving to the blockchain soon. 

They added that the blockchain version will be carried out step-by-step by first creating just the decentralized version of Kickstarter’s core functionality.

“As a first step, we’re supporting the development of an open source protocol that will essentially create a decentralized version of Kickstarter’s core functionality. This will live on a public blockchain, and be available for collaborators, independent contributors, and even Kickstarter competitors, from all over the world to build upon, connect to, or use. We think bringing all that we’ve learned about crowdfunding since 2009 to inform the development of a decentralized protocol will open up exciting new opportunities for creative projects to come to life.”

The move is made due to its underlying technology community, reducing the environmental impact and ensuring mobile accessibility possibility on a larger scale. It will be carried out by its new-subsidiary. An independent governance lap will be formed to oversee the protocol’s progress. This will add sustenance to a larger scale. 

However, this move has met criticism and its users took to twitter to show their discontent with the move.



Some say they will be looking forward to other crowdfunding platforms while others believe that the platform should have invested to improve its core instead of moving to blockchain which is popular for money laundering and tons of other scams. 


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