Pepsi’s Mic Drop NFT Launch Here is How to Claim One For Free

Soft Drink king Pepsi has jumped into the NFT world and the game has begun. The Pepsi NFT collection Mic Drop is available for those who have been waiting. Their Twitter is constantly updating their followers about the progress. They also answered their questions to remove the misconceptions and concerns. You can follow the thread here


The Pepsi NFTs are created on Ethereum blockchain. You can read more about them on their Pepsi Mic Drop Opensea page or on Pepsi’s Twitter Handle. 

“The Pepsi Mic Drop genesis NFT is a generative-style collection of unique NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain. A nod to the year Pepsi was born, each of our 1,893 genesis tokens are created using nearly 50 unique attributes across 6 categories, including microphones, stages, accessories, and more.”

The first 1,893 wallet registrants can mint the Drop Mic NFTs for free. 

Looks like soon loads of other popular brands are going to drop in. Before Pepsi’s, Budweiser dropped their NFT collection to homage the year it was born 1936 and proudly put their beer.eth ENS on twitter. Just after a week Pepsi’s NFT collection has come up which is also honoring the soda legend’s birth-year. All of these brands are not going to offer free NFTs like Pepsi does for free gas. On the contrary Budweiser charged $500 USD for a Heritage Can if you see its price, it’s 0.7 ETH. Budweiser also comes with fringe benefits while Pepsi has kept mum over it. 

How to Get Pepsi Drop Mic NFTs?

Pepsi was founded in 1893 so that’s why a total of 1,843 has been chosen to give first loyals fans the NFT treat. The company wants to pay homage to the stars and legends who contribute to the entertainment industry with their amazing tunes. 


To mint your first Pepsi NFT you need to connect your MetaMask wallet. Getting Pepsi NFTs is just that simple and the minting is going to be real quick. 

More popular brands will start offering NFTs soon after. Make sure to understand what you are buying into and who is selling what. As NFTs are more about  WAGMI or “We’re All Going to Make It”. It means the whole community will be successful and get some good in return. 

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