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Seedify SFUND Coin Price Prediction 2022-2031

Seedify or SFUND is a coin that will see an increase in value soon in the years 2022-2031. The price of Seedify (SFUND) has risen recently, mainly due to the introduction of Metaverse. Seedify/fund SFUND is predicted to reach a good price value in the years 2022-to-2031 and the predictions below are shown for 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2040 and 2031. (SFUND) is a blockchain ecosystem that provides the game developers with IGO (Initial Game Offerings) platform and supervises the game projects. Seedify is the community driven that funds new gaming projects, marketing strategies and the developers get new tokens for the new projects as well. Cryptocurrency Portfolio 



SFUND Official Website



Official Website 

Levent Cem Aydan

Current Price $14.47
SFUND Market Cap $ 296,399,395
SFUND Current Trading Volume

SFUND Coin Supply 

$ 17,398,549

100,000,000 SFUND

SFUND Social Media

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Where to Buy/Sell SFUND 



KuCoin,, ZT, PancakeSwap (V2), and BKEX


Seedify SFUND Token Price Forecast 2021-2031

SFUND is a highly promising token and a launchpad for gaming community. The coin shows steady growth over the time of next 10 years. The price growth is shown in the chart below that you can see how far SFUND token’s price can grow.

Year Lowest Price Gain Average Price Gain Maximum Price Gain
2021 $10.24 $13.28 $18.78
2022 $21.34 $24.12 $30.82
2023 $32.28 $34.76 $38.28
2024 $41.26 $44.92 $48.82
2025 $58.24 $62.16 $68.32
2026 $73.21 $79.71 $86.28
2027 $131.20 $136.56 $147.24
2028 $172.22 $194.56 $216.30
2029 $234.24 $256.56 $286.08









Seedify SFUND Price Prediction 2021 

Facebook changed to Meta and the Microsoft CEO has also announced a similar project which will further boost these game related blockchain ecosystems. In 2021s things are quite preliminary still the SFUND has leverage well at prices of  $10.24-13.28. The price prediction for SFUND by the end of this year is $18.78. 

Seedify SFUND Price Prediction 2022

The next year 2022 will show the beginning of the true web 3.0 era and Metaverses where you the people would be able to buy virtual NFTs and properties. The imaginary avatars will be converted to closely resembling virtually real avatars. All these developments will boost the price of Seedify SFUND token; it will gain the price of $30.82 by the end of the year 2022. 

Seedify SFUND Price Prediction 2023

Exactly after a year the 2023s will show us amazing increase in the price value of Seedify SFUND token as it’s predicted to reach the highest price of $38.28 or at least $32.28 which will be a great fortune for many who invested early seeing the rise of the SFUND coin. 

Seedify SFUND Price Prediction 2024

2024 will be truly the year much of the web 3.0 is already functioning and the blockchains are more commonplace than ever. The price of SFUND coin is predicted to reach at least the price of $41.26, average at $44.92 and increase as high as near the $50 at $48.82 by the end of the year. 

Seedify SFUND Price Prediction 2025 – Will Seedify reach $50 in 2025?

Just after a few years from now things will start to change fundamentally, from common farmlands to core-tech projects everything will have somewhat a more enhanced technicality that’s verifiable. The price of SFUND coin is forecast to gain $68.32 or at least gain $10 dollars and reach $58.24 averaging at the price of $62.16 for a single coin. 

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Seedify SFUND Price Prediction 2026

After 5 years most of the Metaverse projects that have been initiated recently will be finished and the year would be 2026. Imagine the price of SFUND in 2026 that would be 4 or 5 times higher than what it’s today. The price of Seedify SFUND coin in 2026 will be at least $73.21 and it can grow maximum to the mark of $86.28. Some experts believe that coin can grow more than $100 in 2026 which will be a huge development. 

Seedify SFUND Price Prediction 2027

2027 will show us further development of the coin SFUND and it will reach the unimaginable price point for it at this point at $131.20, average at $136.56 and reach just below $150 price value at $147.24. If more developments are introduced in the later years the price can double in 2027 for Seedify. 

Seedify SFUND Price Prediction 2028

The year 2028 will also show steady growth of Seedify SFUND coin at $172.22, averaging at $194.56. If things go well SFUND can grow more than $200 in value and reach a $216.30 price point. 

Seedify SFUND Price Prediction 2029

Seedify is the biggest launchpad that can launch any gaming related project and help the developers in the process. Seedify SFUND is a far more promising blockchain ecosystem that others and the growth will be more than those other blockchains that are already functioning or yet to come. The price of SFUND token in 2029 will be $234.24, average price of SFUND in 2029 will be $256.56 and the highest price will be $286.08 which will be the biggest price of Seedify token. 

Seedify SFUND Price Prediction 2030

Seedify.Fund platform was developed by Levent Cem Aydan who wanted to change things for the gaming community and by the stretch of years in 2030s the price of SFUND token is predicted reaching at $312.92, averaging at $370.32 and going ahead of $400 price point. In the 2030s things will change the final shape of what has been in development at this point. 

Seedify SFUND Price in 2031- What will be the price of Seedify SFUND Token in 2031?

After 10 years everything will be much more advanced and the web 3.0 technologies will be the norm of the day. However, every small or big data will be verified through some type of blockchain ecosystem. The price of SFUND in 2031 is predicted to be more than $500 at $512.84, average at $574.82 and may gain more value and reach $600 by the end of 2031s. 


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