Shibarium Shiba Inu L2 is All Good News For The Investors, Games and NFTs

There’s something that has been plaguing Shiba Inu for a very long time in fact since its inception. If we look at today’s global crypto market we can see it was up about 4% for a brief time and things are looking pretty good. 

Soon we will start to see a mix of green and red across the board hopefully today again. We are also hoping to see some stronger price action to the upside as far as SHIB goes.

SHIB is up about one and a half percent today thus far trading at around this 3300 level with the market cap just under 20 billion and volume of trading is up around 25%. Hopefully as the market continues to boom we will continue to see the SHIB trend on upwards. 

What has been plaguing Shiba Inu?

SHIB has been built on the Ethereum blockchain and of course we know scalability issues, speed issues  and transactions. These things have been absolutely ridiculous which has very much limited the ability for smaller retail investors to invest in SHIB because if you use a decentralized exchange you are going to have to shell out two, three, four, five hundred dollars just to buy SHIB which is absolutely ridiculous. 

Shibarium release date and more 

Shibarium– the L2 solution for SHIB which is going to release in 2022, will essentially eliminate the gas fees. It’s going to make it insanely cheap, it’s going to be incredibly fast and it’s going to open up a host of opportunities for the Devs to build things off of this new blockchain. 

Now a theory is Shiba inu doesn’t need ethereum 2.0’ Posting in the Shiba Discord, ShibaSwap developer Eric M dismissed the need for Shibarium to launch after Ethereum 2.0. “There’s no relation between ETH 2.0 and our L2,” he said. “Shibarium will come faster than ETH 2.0 for sure. We don’t need ETH 2.0.”

Here we need to consider the fact that since Ethereum 2.0 is slated to be released in June 2022 and we already know that Shibarium is going to be released before that. It almost makes it null and void ‘we do not need Ethereum 2.0 all we need is Shibarium,’ says the developer. Based on what we have seen in Shytoshi’s Github it looks like they are using the Solana code and kind of making their own.

How fast Shibarium will be?

 We know how fast Solana is. So the Shibarium is going to be very exciting for the investment. At the end of the day this is going to make it a lot easier for people to trade SHIB. Here one more thing about Shibarium is noticeable that there’s going to be swing traders and new retail investors introduced. 

So by all means, Shibarium is a game changer and is one of the catalysts that a lot of people sleep on. So the fact is Shibarium is going to be a game changer for all:

  • For smaller retail investors who want to invest and earn to make the transactions 
  • For big investors and Hodlers to earn APY
  • The NFTs that charge heavily due to Ethereum gas fees 
  • The Games 
  • General purpose payments etc 

Soon the market is going to be a little bit more bullish and things will return to normal. Shibarium can make things much easier for all of us. 

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