How to Switch Between Chia Farming Pools?

We have discussed the process of switching between NFT and non-NFT pools like Space, Flex against Core Pool. Since Space and Flex Pools follow official chia pooling protocol Core pool does not. Basically, it’s just to show you that you can easily switch between the chia farming pools without breaking a sweat or losing any plots.

So lets proceed to how to change the pool your Chia plots are farming on. It’s a very simple process and it’s very easy. Additionally we would go over a few of key points that are necessary throughout this post. First of all there’s only three major pools that we are going into details about. As we already know Hpool is centralized in Asia and due to various reasons we don’t really trust mining on that pool. But the other chia pools discussed in this post are very trustworthy. 

Not only that you can talk to their teams, collaborate with them and connect with them on reddit and discord. For example recently Flexpool announced that they are changing their pool fee to “0.” They launched their pool recently, they had a beta test just like all other pools did and they officially launched. With using just Reddit etc. the whole Chia community come to know it immediately.  

Before going any further let’s see how much the pool fees Core, Space and Flex pool charge:

  • Core Pool charges 2% fees and their method is PPLNS  
  • Space Pool charges 0% fees but it eventually will go up to 1%
  • Flex Pool was also at 1% but now they reduced the pooling fee to 0% 

Out of all these three Chia pools the Space pool has been highly active since the official protocol release. Many farmers have been getting regular payments through it.  All your plot points will sync up well, everything reports and connects really well. 

Connecting Chia Plot NFT to Flexpool in GUI 

So the Flexpool has also been doing well on their Chia side of things as it also pools for Ethereum. So to connect your Chia plot NFT in Flexpool is pretty simple. They do have a new guide or a new farmer got an already farmer guide but here are the pools:

Go to the Flex Pool website.

  • Choose Your Region 

 Check the pools or the servers that you can connect to in Germany, USA and Singapore. There are chances that they might open up more. Choose whatever is closest to you for the new farmer. It’s a very easy way to get set up especially if you’re using a mad max plotter. Choose the region with the lowest latency to your farming hardware.

  • Create Your Plot NFT and Point it to Flexpool 

Flexpool uses the official Chia pool protocol that requires you to create Plot NFT in order to join the pool. However the other plots that are made without Plot NFT (sometimes referenced as OG plots) cannot be used with Flexplool. Even if you want to solo farm and earn Chia with flexplool you would still need to create the plot NFT. 

  • Connect To Pool

Then choose to connect to the pool and then you need to put the pool address that you can grab from regional servers closest to you, insert it in the “Connect To Pool” bar and hit create.

All that’s going to do is to create a NFT pool contract that looks like shown in the picture above. 

Switching the pools

So if you want to change it to what you already have though. 

Click change pool and now if you look at the Space Pool fee it would show “0” which is in line with what they have claimed on their website. If you would switch it back, it would show “001.” Since this post was created before Flexpool changed their fees to “0” on the request of farmers. You would see “0” as well. 

Please Note that it will show status Pending. It will take its time and all of the plot point will change to “0.”

How Much Time it takes to switch from Space pool to Flexpool or core pool?

Space Pool: The Space Pool’s escape lock is “64 blocks” which is more or less 45 minutes and is much lower than most of the Chia pools based on Official Chia protocol.

Flex Pool: The time your Chia farm takes to switch from Flex pool to others is “100 blocks” which is calculated as: 100×20/60 = 33 minutes.

So when you switch from one Chia pool to the other the time will definitely vary. There is no need for panicky. Just stick to that. It will all be okay once the Pool escape lock time threshold is reached.

How to switch from Chia pools using official protocol to Pools to non-official pools/ from Space Pool to Core Pool etc.?

CorePool has not changed its core to official Chia pool protocol that means it does not support NFT plots. They say so on their website.

There’s not much difference to talk about when you switch to core pool from Space or Flex pool. You just need to put the pool information in and hit change. That’s going to allow you to change the pool from any other to CorePool. Once again all of the plot points will change to “0”. The farmer will have to start from scratch.

How to Switch from Chia pooling protocol pools to non-protocol pools or from Non-NFT plot pools to NFT plot pools?

It’s very simple to switch so if you want to go from Space pool to Flex pool and then back to core pool or whatever you can easily do that. You just need the pool address which they will provide to you and hit change. You are good to go that will reset your farm’s pooling statistics but no big deal all your plots will still be there.

 You would not have to replot. You don’t have to kill your drives or the endurance of your SSDs or anything. The Chia farmers are so happy that they finally came out with this because the amount of plots that average farmer has been primarily building up over time and it is eating into their consumer grade SSDs which is why most of the farmers had to change to an enterprise level NVMe SSDs like the Micron 7300 Pro etc. which can do 4.2 Petabytes in its life cycle.

You should keep in mind while joining Chia pools that the farmers get paid frequently on large pools with less XCH while smaller pools pay higher XCH to the farmers with delayed payouts. So the pool payouts vary on every single Chia pool.

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