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The Sandbox Price Analysis 2022-2031 – What Future Holds For The Sandbox Token?

The Sandbox (SAND) token is a futuristic venture to invest in. For many it can turn into a huge profitable investment in years to come. The detailed SAND price predictions 2022-2031 have been made on the basis of the accumulated financial data. 

The Sandbox gaming platform is powered by the Sandbox blockchain that helps users to use the platform for creating or just trading digitally created properties. The platform has combined DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization with the NFTs for the whole gaming community to help them make use of their gaming talent and earn SAND tokens by just playing Alpha. The platform offers tons of different virtual worlds for gaming clans and solo players and anyone from anywhere can use the platform. 

The Sandbox Token Portfolio 

Name The Sandbox 

The Sandbox Official Website



Official Website 

Arthur Madrid, Sebastien Borget

SAND Current Price $5.42 USD
SAND Market Cap $4,946,497,211 USD
SAND Current Trading Volume

SAND Coin Supply 

$2,293,343,639 USD

3,000,000,000 SAND coins

Social Media


Audited By

Where to Buy/Sell SAND 




Binance, OKEx, Mandala Exchange, FTX, and Huobi Global

The Sandbox Token financial analysis 2022-2031

Year Min Price Threshold Average Price Gain Max Price Gain
2021 $5.10 $5.22 $5.25
2022 $7.05 $8.20 $9.10
2023 $10.72 $11.90 $13.80
2024 $14.70 $15.70 $17.20
2025 $20.10 $23.30 $26.90
2026 $29.03 $34.21 $40.63
2027 $48.50 $56.10 $72.80
2028 $90.42 $99.82 $112.50
2029 $130.18 $164.64 $199.52








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Price of SAND Token in 2021

The starting price of SAND Token was $0.04 during the first few months of 2021s, during the months of June, July and September it was around $0.24 and by the month of November it gained much more value and stood around $3 while in the first week of December it’s $5.10. It’s expected to reach $5.25 by the end of this year. 

Price of SAND Token in 2022

The Sandbox token has much more potential to rise in value than any other blockchain as the gaming community is already huge across the globe. It keeps rising every now and then and the price of SAND is predicted to reach at least $7.05, averaging at $8.20 and go as high as $9.10. Like 2021s, the price of SAND will soon reach its new all time high price soon. 

Price of SAND Token in 2023

The price of SAND token is predicted to cross the $10 milestone in 2023 and reach at least $10.72 average at $11.90 and grow as high as $13.80. 

Price of SAND Token in 2024

Seeing the rising value of Sandbox, more users will follow the same path making it one of the highly reliable conglomerates of Metaverse’s platform with tons of new earning opportunities. The best part is everyone is welcome with whatever talent he has. Therefore, the rise of the user-base will further push the price of SAND to at least $14.70 with averaging in the mid-2024 around $15.70 and reach as high as $17.20 by the end of 2024. 

Price of SAND Token in 2025

The year 2025 will show further price gain and will make SAND stand at least at $20.10 during the months of March-June and gain even more while averaging at $23.30. The SAND is predicted to reach a $26.90 price point on the cryptocurrency price index by the end of the year. 

Price of SAND Token in 2026

Talking about cryptocurrency gains, recently gaming related coins have gained attention of the gaming community recently. They are all growing like no other cryptocurrency does, especially during these times when 90% of the cryptocurrencies are losing price value. The price pushing trends will keep growing for SAND in 2026 and its price is predicted to reach the highest of all-time at $40.63 with at least reaching $29.03 during the first few months of 2026. 

Price of SAND Token in 2027

The price of SAND token is predicted to gain the price value of $48.50 in the first half of the year 2027 up to $56.10 and grow as high as $72.80. 

Price of SAND Token in 2028

After 6 or 7 years the Sandbox gaming community is going to explode. As the popular social platforms will make the way for it prosper hundredfold. So the price of SAND will stand around $90.42 to $99.82 and even reach the $100 mark and stand at the highest price of $112.50. 

Price of SAND Token in 2029

From $100 to onwards, the progress of SAND token on the cryptocurrency price index will almost double in unimaginable ways, so much so that it will reach at least $130.18. The averaging price will be around $164.64 and get just under $200 which seems a huge development yet very likely to happen once SAND reaches $100 it’s going to explode later on.

Price of SAND Token in 2030

The 2030s is considered the year of cryptocurrencies since it has been targeted by many investors as an ideal one to sell their assets and invest in new ones. The price of SAND in 2030 is forecast to reach around $230.28 and the price can progress further to $320 and then $400.24. 

Price of SAND Token in 2031

The price of Sandbox token after 10 years is predicted to explode like never before. Things can change so much so that it becomes one of the stablecoins and reach the highest price of $522.02, averaging at the price mark of more than $600 at $612.62 and finally end the year 2031 at $736.76. 

When Will SAND token reach $100?

The Sandbox token is predicted to rise in value much faster after 5 years and and soon reach the price value of $100 between 2026-28. This token is going to explode soon seeing its progress in 2021. 

Is Sandbox Token a Good Investment?

Seeing the SAND token financial status and growth over this year, and its right use-cases for the gaming community, it’s by all means the better cryptocurrency to invest in. This will help your asset portfolio grow on a much faster scale. 

When Will SAND Token Reach $1000?

The SAND token’s price progress is incredible and has bounced to the highest level seeing the popularity of Metaverses. Things are going to take a massive turn in terms of technology and its role in our lives after 10 years. The price of SAND token is predicted to reach $1,000 after 10 years or even much sooner. This price prediction is made on its current sway over the cryptocurrency price index and its financial strength so the it can reach the price mark even sooner than that. 


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