Theta Fuel Token – How To Earn Free Theta Fuel Token?

Theta Blockchain has two major tokens Theta and Theta Fuel (TFuel). TFuel is different from Theta so these two should not be mistaken for one another as TFuel is the leading token on Theta blockchain network fueled by the Theta community of thousands of user nodes. 

How to earn Theta Fuel/TFuel token free?

You can earn TFuel in two different ways using Node that we have mentioned below in detail.

Caching Live Streams 

The first is caching live streams. You will sometimes be doing this but it depends on your area. The job you can guarantee on though is the “Edge Compute.” It will take several days to complete most of the jobs but you will get compensated for it. 

Cache Computing 

This is another way of earning TFuel token. You need to install the Theta Edge Node and start earning. 

Now here are the two big things to keep in mind

  1. Required RAM – The Theta Edge Node uses up RAM. It will use about 2 GBs of your RAM when you run it. So it’s good to have higher RAM. This way you may earn more. 
  2. Power –  The Edge Node will only run when there’s a power source connected to it. It is one of the mandatory things. 

How to Install Theta Edge Node?

Here are the instructions to Install Theta Edge Node

  • The first thing you want to do is go to, scroll down and you will see the Theta Edge Node program. 
  • Just click what you want to download for Windows/Mac depending on the operating system you are using. 
  • Download to windows/Mac and it’s 171 MBs so it will take some time to download.
  • Once you are done you can just click it and it will start installing. 
  • Now it’ll take a second or two to fully install set up 
  • Once you get set up it will ask you for a wallet address- Please keep in mind that you won’t be able to change the wallet address once you put it in so just be sure about that. 
  • Once it’s installed it will take you to the Theta Edge Node page that will looks like this

This page shows you your earnings as well. So it shows that you have earned a number of TFuel tokens. This also shows if you have completed any jobs,  how long it will take to complete them and whether you are Caching a Live Stream.  It also has a feature where you can stake Theta Tokens if you want to. 

How many TFuel tokens can you earn while running Theta Edge Node?

So you are probably wondering how much TFuel can you earn with Theta Edge Nodge. It’s not going to make you rich in a month or so. However, you can make about half of a TFuel token per day. So with the current market price that’s about 20 cents a day. But if you have multiple old computers that you are not using you could put them to work and make TFuel for some extra money every month. 

How to convert Theta Fuel to other cryptocurrencies? 

In order to convert TFuel to fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies  you can just use one of the exchanges that it’s listed on. However, it is also listed on Binance where you can trade it. But if you are in the United States none of the exchanges that it’s on allow the US users to convert it. 

Not only that being a US user you may look for other services including swapping services where it is available. You can always swap coins as there are plenty of services available. 

Theta Token Edge Node Payouts 

 The Theta Token payouts are on the first week of every month for the users who have installed Theta Edge Node. You are not going to be making much money but the hope is that TFuel token will once again rise in value with the increase in number of users and with technical developments to the network. 

Theta Token Minimum Payout 

The minimum amount is 10,000. So it will take a while for you to make that much just by staking Theta Tokens up here. 

Live Streaming on Theta 

You can broadcast so you can start a live stream on Theta because remember this platform is based on live streaming. You can also click watch and you can watch other live streams and donate TFuel to them. 

Please remember that the payouts are on the first week of each month and the earnings are updated around every 10 minutes. So after every 10 minutes this amount will be updated. If you have got a live stream job it shows in the panel how much how many MBs you have served in the efficiency of it. 

Theta Fuel Token Future Prediction 

You might be thinking that Theta Token is not worth it but if it rises in value the amount of TFuel you have mined could be worth more. We are quite confident that Theta will grow over time seeing its use case. There are other coin price predictions for other coins that will take over the whole financial structure of banking. 

So that’s basically all about the Theta Edge Node and how it works. You can earn free TFuel by running it and you can run it on multiple computers to earn more. If you are not in the United States it should be no problem to withdraw. It will update for the U.S. users if something new gets added to the network for it. We can find a way to convert it to U.S. dollars. 

Is TFuel token a good investment?

Many experts believe Theta is a solid long term investment. If you compare Theta to memecoins like Shiba Inu, Kishu Inu etc. it’s 10% times more a safer investment than most of the tokens. One of the reasons is its use case. 

Will Theta Fuel Reach the $100 Mark?

It’s difficult to say anything about Theta Fuel at this point. Theta Fuel may not reach $100 USD but it will grow over time. Many financial experts see it growing in the coming few years. 

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