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Tron TRX Coin Price Forecast 2022-2031

Tron was launched in 2018 by Justin Sun, who holds a prominent name in the decentralized industry and innovative quarters across the globe. Tron is not a blockchain but a blockchain-backed platform or rather an operating system that aims at providing everyone with an opportunity to use technology however they want and makes sure that it’s available for daily usage. 

Tron claims that it provides fastest transactions that any other network as BTC can process 6/second transactions, ETH 25/sec while the Tron Network claims to process more than 2,000/sec which makes it more suitable for daily use. 

Functionality of Tron 

Since Tron is more of a blockchain-based platform that leverages content creators. One of the historic events was its BitTorrent buyout in 2018s. There are more goals to its fold that the team is constantly working on apart from providing users with a simple file-sharing system; rewarding content creators, giving opportunity to creators launch their own tokens and introducing decentralization to the gaming industry. TRON also provides users with the best DApps. 

Tron Network Cryptocurrency Portfolio 



Tron Official Website



Official Website 

Justin Sun

Current Price $0.09865
TRX Market Cap $7,069,167,436 USD
TRX Current Trading Volume

TRX Supply 

$1,746,432,760 USD

71,659,657,369 TRX

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Where to Buy/Sell Tron



Binance, Mandala Exchange, CoinTiger, OKEx, and Huobi Global

Year Predicted Lowest Price Average Price  Maximum Price Gain
2021 $0.089 $0.11 $0.16
2022 $0.18 $0.21 $0.23
2023 $0.25 $0.27 $0.31
2024 $0.36 $0.39 $0.43
2025 $0.46 $0.49 $0.54
2026 $0.68 $0.75 $0.83
2027 $1.99 $1.08 $1.21
2028 $1.39 $1.58 $1.84
2029 $2.16 $2.46 $2.92








TRON Price Prediction 2021

Tron has the most promising growth ratio, though slowly, yet surely. The network owns BTT token as well. The Network has seen ups and downs in 2021 but we are sure it will end the year 2021 at a good price of $0.16. 

TRON Price Prediction 2022

The team is continuously working to make TRON a more suitable blockchain for common users. They provide common user opportunities to create awesome DApps and the TRX network has great potential to grow. Keeping all its future ventures the price of TRX in 2022 will be $0.089 at least, it will average in the mid-2022 around $0.21 and can end the year at the price mark of $0.23. 

TRON Price Prediction 2023

Tron’s price forecast for the year 2023 is at least $0.25 which will be humongous comparing what it’s today, TRX will average at $0.27 and can experience growth over time to reach the price of $0.31 per TRX seeing its many projects are already in the development stage. 

TRON Price Prediction 2024

TRON has much more success ratio with DApps and the network also allows others to create tokens. Many of which are TRC-20 tokens actively partaking in the global blockchain ecosystem. By 2024 the TRX coin will reach the maximum price of $0.43, averaging around $0.39 or it can at least reach the minimum price per TRX at $0.36.

TRON Price Prediction 2025

TRON network is so popular that everyday something new is introduced into its fold. Recently more than $100m was raised for the NFT projects. Many such investment events will keep pouring in. The TRX network is expected to reach the price of $0.46 in the early 2025, average at the price of $0.49 just and gain over time and reach the price mark of $0.54. 

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TRON Price Prediction 2026

By the end of 2025s we are going to see tons of new TRC-20 tokens created on the TRON network as it openly supports everyone. The price of TRX in 2026 will be far more stable than it’s today. TRX price will average at $0.75, reach at least $0.68 and can go as high as $0.83 per TRX. 

TRON Price Prediction 2027

The real price surge of TRON coin will be seen after 4 or 5 years, ideally in 2026-27 which will show us how far the network has succeeded. Since, we see much of the developments underway now completed then, 2027 will show TRX on a much more stable price point on the cryptocurrency price index at reaching more than 0.99 USD and reach the good price mark of $1.21 or averaging at $1.08 which will be the definition hallmark to the cryptocurrency’s success. 

TRON Price Prediction 2028

The price of TRX is predicted to reach at least $1.39 in the first half of 2028 and may average at $1.58. The experts believe per TRX coin price can reach $1.84 by the year 2028. One thing should be noted that these TRX future prices are predicted on the basis of its price analysis since 2018’s when it was launched. It may vary if something happens and it can moon very soon. 

TRON Price Prediction 2029

TRX is predicted to grow stronger over the course of 5 or 6 years. Realizing its potential to help people use blockchain for everyday use, it’s expected to blast. The TRX price is 2029s will be more than $2 at $2.92, average $2.46 or at least reach $2.16. 

TRON Price Prediction 2030

2030s is the year which everyone is vouching for that will redefine the use of technologies in everyday life. It’s expected to show the results and more use-cases that we will still witness in a couple of years. In the 2030s the average price of TRX will be $4.90, at least $4.25 and can grow over time and reach $5.35. So basically, TRON is expected to reach $5 sooner than that but this is what the price history analysis shows considering its recent price changes and gains. 

TRON Price Prediction 2031

TRON network is one of the major blockchains networks we all look forward to. It has grown its own following the development community and has given developers more ground to flourish, content creators get rewarded or create their own tokens and DApps for everyone to make a better use of technology and use it to help humans. The price of TRX coin in 2031s is predicted to reach $6.30, averaging at $7.02, increase over the course of a few months into it and reach the new highs of $8.30.

Is TRON (TRX) a good investment?

Seeing its use-cases and reach to the common people TRX can literally blow any time like no other coin. It has so much potential due to its ease, speed and potential that it can moon even in the next few years. So yes, if you are buying TRX for around $500 they can make you good money over your small investment. TRX is by far the reliable asset to invest in. 

What will be the price of TRX in 2030s-31?

Still, the big question is what will be the price of TRON after 10 years in 2030s-31? The problem is it’s very hard to predict anything before its all developments. However, TRX is predicted to reach the maximum price soon. It can even break its all time high price values and reach the unimaginable high price of $100 soon. These predictions are made on its current price value.  

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