Top Universities to Study Blockchain Technology Ranked

Coindesk recently ranked the top universities to study blockchain technology. They rated a total of 230 international institutes out of which the National University of Singapore holds the first rank as the best blockchain university due to its vast research facilities, blockchain related conventions, meet-ups, conferences, its partnerships with blockchain related entities and its FinTech Master Program that paves way for decentralized finance. 

The research was carried out by the Stanford and MIT researcher Reuben Youngblom and CoinDesk’s Joe Lautzenhiser

The second and the third spots are secured by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and the University of California Berkeley respectively. While the University of Zurich, MIT, Hong Kong Polytechnic and UCL follow the ranks afterwards. 

Here is the list of the best 30 universities of the world to study blockchain technology, DeFi and FinTech. 

Rank University Score
1 National University of Singapore 100.00
2 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 97.65
3 University of California Berkeley 93.26
4 University of Zurich 91.66
5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 91.57
6 Hong Kong Polytechnic University 84.30
7 UCL 81.54
8 Tsinghua University 79.20
9 Chinese University of Hong Kong 75.30
10 ETH Zurich 75.04
11 Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 74.98
12 Stanford University 68.41
13 UNSW Sydney 66.29
14 City University of Hong Kong 66.13
15 University of Oxford 65.47
16 Shanghai Jiao Tong University 65.18
17 Cornell University 63.98
18 Delft University of Technology 63.85
19 University of Hong Kong 61.97
20 University of Sydney 61.48
21 École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland) 60.78
22 University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 60.10
23 University of Cambridge 58.69
24 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 58.51
25 University of California Los Angeles 58.40
26 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 57.87
27 Sun Yat-sen University 57.18
28 University of British Columbia 55.80
29 Peking University 54.15
30 Arizona State University 51.86

Source CoinDesk

This is the second list that CoinDesk has come up with as last year they researched about the 46 U.S institutes and ranked the top 30 of them. According to CoinDesk, “Data is good. There is an absence of data on this space: Research and teaching can only get better if we track what academic institutions are offering.”

Watch in the video below the discussion about these top schools that offer FinTech and blockchain related degrees and the  impact of these institutes.  Reuben Youngblom, Stanford University Fellow and Cryptoeconomic Systems (MIT DCI) Managing Editor, discusses the key takeaways, including the methodology and importance of blockchain education.


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