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VeChain Coin Price Prediction 2022-2031

The price prediction chart of VeChain (VET) has been shown below yearly. The detailed price analysis of VeChain has been discussed below for years 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 20230 and 2031. 

VeChain (VET) was initially announced in 2015 and launched in 2016 by Sunny Lu and Jay Zhang. VeChain platform offers to solve supply chain problems through its blockchain platform. It uses IoT and distributed governance to form a blockchain ecosystem. 

VeChain is working on removing supply chain hurdles and corruption by ensuring smooth price management, tracking and decreasing the cost. VeChain has two major tokens built on its VeThor blockchain VET and VTHO.

VeChain Cryptocurrency Portfolio 


Name VeChain

VeChain Official Website




Official Website 

Sunny Lu, Jay Zhang

VeChain was initiated in 2016 and launched in 2016

Current Price $0.1188
Market Cap $7,586,071,978 USD
Current Trading Volume

Coin Supply 

$470,192,029 USD

86,712,634,466 VET coins

Social Media


Where to Buy/Sell VET



Binance, Mandala Exchange, Huobi Global, FTX, and KuCoin

Year Min Price Gain Average Price Gain Max Price Gain
2021 $0.020 $0.10 $0.15
2022 $0.18 $0.19 $0.22
2023 $0.23 $0.26 $0.30
2024 $0.32 $0.35 $0.43
2025 $0.48 $0.58 $0.80
2026 $1.20 $1.50 $1.84
2027 $2.04 $2.50 $2.80
2028 $4.10 $4.60 $4.90
2029 $6.20 $7.20 $7.90









VeChain Price Prediction 2021

The initial price for a VET token in January, 2021 was 0.015 as this year showed a lot of ups and downs to the prices of all cryptocurrencies. The minimal price gain is $0.020, averaging at $0.10 and going up at the end of year $0.15. 

VeChain Price Prediction 2022

The price of the VeChain token in 2022 is going to rise as compared to this year’s price. In 2022 the minimal price gain is predicted at $0.18, average $0.19 and the maximum $0.22. So the overall price gain will be a good percentage that will make the way for VET to become much more stable in terms of investment. 

VeChain Price Prediction 2023

The price of VeChain is predicted to reach $0.23 dollars which is very high at this point, average at $0.26 and can reach the highest price of $0.30. After two years the price of VET is sure to rise. 

VeChain Price Prediction 2024

The VeChain has many under-developments that will change the course for supply chain management as a whole as it is very older than the other competitors of its domain and very settled in its specific field. The price of a VeChain coin will reach at least $0.32, average $0.35 and reach the high price of $0.43.

VeChain Price Prediction 2025

The price of the VeChain VET coin in 2025 will slightly grow over time seeing the underway developments. VET is predicted to reach at least $0.48, average at $0.58, grow more than 5 cents and reach $0.80. 

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VeChain Price Prediction 2026

VeChain coin is believed to grow stronger after 5 years in value which is predicted in 2026. The average price will be $1.50, the highest predicted price is $1.84 or it can reach at least $1.20. 

VeChain Price Prediction 2027

There are many experts who have different opinions regarding the price value of VeChain. The predicted price for VeChain in 2027s is at least $2.04, averaging at $2.50 and the highest price gain is predicted to go as high as $2.80 dollars. 

VeChain Price Prediction 2028

In 2028 the average VeChain token is predicted at $4.60. It can go up or down a bit. It will be averaging around that figure. The lowest predicted price is around $4 at $4.10 precisely and the highest price gain is predicted at $4.90. 

VeChain Price Prediction 2029

By the end of 2028 the blockchain technologies will become more like mainstream technologies for most fields. The average price of VeChain will be $7.20, the least price is predicted at $6.20 while the highest can go as high as $7.90. 

VeChain Price Prediction 2030

The year 2030s is the year of tech-wonders, by far the most advanced year for all type of technologies including blockchain networks. The price of the VeChain token is predicted at least $8.80, average at $9.20 and the highest price is predicted at $9.50. 

VeChain Price Prediction 2031

Supply chain management is as important a field to take into considerations as others. The founders of VeChain have long term plans. After 10 years things can take the drastic change for VeChain and reach the lowest price of $9.80, average $10.10 and the highest price gain of $11.04. 

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