Whale Buys Largest Shiba Inu Dip of 99 Billion SHIB Tokens

The popular whale tracker WhaleStats reveals that the Ethereum whale who goes with the name ”Jiraiya” has recently loaded up the amount ranging about the whopping 99 billion Shiba Inu tokens that are worth $3,560,960 in total. We must keep in mind that the whales keep loading SHIB tokens for quite some time. 

The actions have been carried out in two massive transactions as traced by WhaleStats, which claims that Ethereum’s 17th largest wallets tracked of 1,000 ETH in total has scooped a total of 99 billion SHIB tokens which are about $3.65 million USD. The transaction took place about 20 hours ago and the Whale scooped in twice that was recorded on the blockchain 20 hours ago. The transactions’ details reveal a purchase of 49,999,041,461 and 48,999,041,461 SHIB in just two transactions. The amount in US dollars is worth around $1,810,343. The transactions were confirmed on the blockchain by WhaleStats


These Whales have shaken up the whole cryptocurrency community every now and then and their influence would continue to be so. As we have seen during each phase the scooping of different cryptocurrencies is a recurring process wherein as the coin flattens the whale buy dips. 


This has been more recurring in the case of Shiba Inue than any other cryptocurrency. Although the practice has existed for quite a while since the explosion of cryptocurrencies and the flocking of masses to the fold. 

SHIBA INU Current Stats 

Recently, SHIB market cap fell and it was not in the top 10 cryptocurrencies anymore. So the dip buyers swarmed in including Whales and small investors. 

At this time SHIB is trading at the price point of $0.00003522 at the trading volume of $1,163,651,105 USD with a live market cap of $19,358,723,243 USD and the circulating supply of 549,057,767,444,319 SHIB coins


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