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What is The Graph Token Its Price Prediction 2022-2031 and Future Growth

The price of Graph GRT token shows great confidence for the period of 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030 to 2031. You can find the detailed pierce analysis of this Token below shown in the coin price chart. 

Have you ever wondered how popular web 3 dApps get indexed? We all wonder though, it’s where we are introduced to the Graph protocol, which is used for indexing and querying data off Ethereum and IPFS hosts. As ENS and IPFS have been core for web 3 dApps until recently other new services have come forward. 

The Graph in itself is an amazing service, as it solves the most critical problem of blockchains and provides leverage to the devs to develop and deploy APIs called subgraphs on its network. The dApps can be queried using GraphQL and get blockchain data. 

The Graph has recently also introduced a defi hosting service which reflects in their roadmap which also solves another big issue that ENS and IPFS have, which it does not. Although there are more new networks such as Internet Computer, yet at this point the Graph allows developers to query indexing data from ENS, IPFS and POA services. 

Until now the developers have usd and deployed thousands of subgraphs for a variety of dApps including Uniswap, Synthetix, Aragon, AAVE, Gnosis, Balancer, Livepeer and so on. The usability of the Graph ecosystem has tremendously increased as the network has billions of queries until now. 

The Graph network raised more than $25M through a public GRT sale in which more than 99 countries took part excluding the USA. On the technical side, the Graph has a powerful community that also has more than 200 Indexer Nodes in development and a number of more than 2000 Curators. The Graph get funded by the popular individuals in the community that includes CoinBase Ventures, DCG, ParaFi Capital and many more. 

The price prediction of Graph GRT token is shown in the table below for 2022-2031 realising its financial growth and its price history for its brief lifetime of the next 10 years. 


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Highest Threshold Per Annum


















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Graph GRT token price prediction for the period of 2022 to 2031

GRT is the native token of Graph blockchain that has solved the most difficult problem of the blockchain by providing indexing and APIs to the developers. We have discussed below the details about the price progress of the GRT token for the next 10 years from 2022-2031 which somewhat tells you this token’s future price progression. 

Graph GRT token Price Prediction 2022

The price of GRT token in 2022 is making inroads in the blockchain community and moving with a pace despite a huge crypto meltdown. All the popular cryptocurrencies including BTC, Ethereum and Solana, have been affected. However its price is predicted to be at least at $0.90 averaging at the price mark of $1.15 and going high to the price of  $1.30. 

Graph GRT token Price Prediction 2023

The usability of Graph network will increase and GRT token will reach at least $2.30 average at $2.40 and grow further in value and reach $2.60. As of the next year 2023 the GRT token price is supposed to increase due to its core usability.

GRT token Price 2024

GRT token’s price is going to explode after a couple of years, and in 2024s the price of GRT is  to reach $4.06 in the first few months and average at $4.50 and finally at the end of the year 2024 will reach $4.80. 

Graph GRT Token Price Prediction 2025

This year 2025 shows how the price can increase over the time of a few years. The Graph GRT token price is predicted to be at least $6.14 averaging at $6.28 and reaching the price mark of $6.60 in 2025. 

Graph GRT Token Price Prediction 2026

The price of GRT token is directly dependent on the progress of the Graph network and the Nodes can really make much more happen in the blockchain domain. The price prediction of Graph GRT token for 2026 is predicted to be at least $9.09, averaging at $9.36 and reaching an all time high price at $9.72. 

Graph GRT Token Price Prediction 2027

The year 2027 shows the price of GRT token is predicted to reach $13.04 average at $13.82 while reaching the highest price mark of $14.18 by the end of the year 2027. 

Graph GRT token Price Prediction 2028

The year of 2028 is the year that will show the right progress achieved by Graph network and the price of GRT token can reach at least $19.24, averaging at $20.02 and by the end of 2028 of $21.12. 

Graph GRT token Price Prediction 2029

The price of GRT token in 2029 is predicted to reach the all-time-high price point of unthinkable rise of its lifetime at $31.44 averaging at the price of $32.54 and an all-time-high price at $34.90. It’s mainly due to the core usage of blockchain data query serving in billions and the increase of the Graph network. 

Graph GRT token Price Prediction 2030

The price of GRT token in 2030 can multiply like and the token can grow very strong in the price over time. The price of the GRT token is predicted to reach $52.92, averaging at $54.22 and finally reaching the unthinkable mark of $57.01. 

Graph GRT Token Price Prediction 2031

In the year 2031 the Graph network can grow exponentially and by the increment of DeFi and dApp usage the price is supposed to explode which is what the data shows. Its  price can reach around $74.82, average at $77.50 and will reach the highest price mark at $81.76 after 10 years in 2031. 

Who Founded The Graph Blockchain Network?

The Graph network was founded by Yaniv Tal, Brandon Ramirez and Jannis Pohlmann and the most professionals of the blockchain community, especially the individuals from Ethereum Foundation, OpenZeppelin, Decentraland, Orchid, MuleSoft leading up to the IPO and acquisition by Salesforce, Puppet, Redhat and Barclays which is phenomenally a huge deal. 

Is Graph Token GRT a Good Investment?

The GRT token shows great potential for the increment of its price after a few years. One thing is very noticeable about the Graph blockchain is it solves the most important issue of the entire blockchain by helping the developers use their indexing mechanism. In the time of next 10 years the Graph can work more like what Google or any search engine today only without monetizing the content. 

What Makes The Graph So Unique?

One of the greatest achievements of the Graph ecosystem is striving to bring decentralisation to the public sector. The Graph Token is used by the participants to ensure economic stability of the network as the largest data gets queried. The indexing Nodes, Creators and other top-tier participants in the network lock GRT token so that the network can perform seamlessly. 

The Graph network’s native token GRT is an ERC-20 token that works on the Ethereum blockchain and is used for allocating all the required resources. So any Active Indexer, Curator or Delegator can easily earn from the network by participating and for their share of contribution and GRT staking. For new issuance the Indexers are given rewards and also from the fees from Network usage. While the Curators also get paid a small amount off fees. While the Delegators plainly earned whatever has been delegated by the Indexers on the network. 

How The Graph Network Maintains Security Against Attacks?

There’s an open data layer built on its blockchain as the Indexers are allowed to run their own Ethereum archive Nodes for running the Graph Node. They can also use the popular DeFi node operators like Infura and Alchemy. 

Suppose if any one wants to build an analytics app they can query the subgraph data. One thing is noticeable that the Subgraphs are more like open APIs to pull blockchain data without any hassle. 

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