Kryptex – Crypto Mining Without A GPU

How Good is Kryptex For Mining on A Laptop/PC?

Kryptex miner – can you really mine crypto on your laptop/PC? It’s what Kryptex miner claims to provide you with. Kryptex is a Windows app that pays you for the computing power of your PC or a laptop that you give to the network.  It offers to mine Bitcoin or any other coin on your laptop/PC that you use personally without installing any expensive GPUs. 


Question is, 

“is Kryptex really good for mining cryptocurrency on laptop/PC?”

The Kryptex miner allows you to be paid in Bitcoin or the USD, the minimum withdrawal is only 50 cents. It also has a Pro feature which lets you fully customize your mining experience. When you download it you will be very surprised at how aesthetically pleasing it is when you open the miner. You can mine with your GPU, CPU or both but note that the GPUs are a lot faster to mine cryptocurrencies.

How to start mining on your PC with Kryptex?


How to start mining without a GPU on your laptop/PC?

  1. Download and Install Kryptex App. Kryptex will test your PC/laptop’s benchmarks and estimate expected earnings.
  2. Sign up: After signing up, you will have full access to your account.
  3. Keep Kryptex running: You can use other apps as Kryptex will keep running in the background.
  4. Start earning immediately: You will start earning money the very same day you start mining.

How Kryptex calculates mining hashrate of your PC?

When it first starts it runs a Benchmark test to calculate what you are mining with the hardware details just like you check with Nicehash how much you can make with your hardware. For example if you have installed an intel i7 processor with a Nvidia Quadro M1000m GPU, and now just keep this thing in mind that you are not going to get rich with your PC, with this Intel i7 CPU and mentioned GPU you can make about 15-25 cents of profit in 24 hours after cutting off electricity cost. With this less profit margin no one can get rich these days. That’s why we mentioned earlier that with PC and laptop mining you cannot get rich. 


How much cryptocurrency can I earn with my laptop/PC?

So earning 20 cents of profit after subtracting electricity costs happens only if you don’t want your PC to be a proper mining rig. With all the power that it’s using and we have to run certain software to keep going, it’s not possible to give the work PC to Kryptex miner alone. 

So if you can’t afford to give your laptop to the Kryptex miner and neither should you if you have a regular PC so no you can’t mine it on a PC. This is geared more towards professional crypto miners that have tons of GPUs. The Kryptex miner website claims that for certain GPUs the return on investment is just in 74 days. So it can be really profitable now for the pro miners.  

Kryptex mining features

If you go to the Kryptex minor features. You would see you can start mining immediately. However, it’s paused by default so you can press the button to start mining immediately. So to start Kryptex mining is not complicated. It’s just a push of a button. You can press Enter or click with a mouse on the button to start playing. Not only that  you can also use this to automatically start mining and use your CPU.

If you are using an old system or the configuration lower than an average GPU miner you are going to get tons of cautions. It would simply be not much useful but you can mine. The image below is about its Pro Mode.

Different Crypto Mining Power Modes 

 Kryptex has different power modes to keep mining at a desired pace, so you can either do it in a light mode. This way, it will use less resources. When you are using your PC in full mode it will require more computing power and consume more resources of your PC.

So if you use its Pro mode, you will notice it comes with detailed options and has a lot more information such as the cores that you have. It basically tells you about your PC or laptop’s specs that can be used and the output. 

 It shows you if you click full stats it’ll go into the web browser and show you more stats. That also shows you the different algorithms that you can mine with and also different miners, some of the tests and algorithms that it has. So if you are running an older GPU on your system it would not pass. Things for GPUs have changed drastically after the introduction of mining so an older GPU that’s not nearly as good as the new ones you are not going to get much out of it. It would show you profitability though. For instance a system like intel i7 processor with a Nvidia Quadro M1000m GPU the profitability is at 159 a month which is pretty bad and it would show you the hash rate of 615 hashes.

So if you are not just mining with your laptop or PC with Kryptex and also running heavy software for work, keep in mind, you would not earn much. However, if you have better hardware including GPUs you can make a good amount of money from it. 

How to calculate crypto mining efficiency of your laptop/PC?

You can check the mining efficiency of your PC/laptop. However the mining calculator sugests GPUs are best for your mining rig and also shows the profitable altcoins to mine with less energy costs.

Link: Kryptex Mining Calculator

Kryptex pools claim to be paying more than the other crypto mining pools

Can I really mine with Kryptex on my laptop/PC?

Through all these results we have come to the conclusion that you really can’t mine too much with your PC but if you have dedicated GPUs for mining the Kryptex miner can be really good. While running on your laptop or PC in the background can still give you some money. It’s up to you how you want to use it. You can make most of its Pro features and customize your mining setup.

Download Kryptex Start Mining Rightnow


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