How To Save on Energy Bills Using DIY Solar Panels Kits?

Since the energy prices have shot up, everyone is looking for a permanent solution to that–especially when there’s been strong hot winds all around the world, it’s become really hard for average person to coup with it. It’s where the role of producing energy for low cost comes and solar panels top them all in 2024-2025. We have detailed a discourse on that and also mentioned ways to secure cheap deals and save money on that. We will break down the process of buying solar panels online in 2024 and explore ways to save energy using them. I’ll keep it simple and informative for your 8th-grade students.

#1 Buying Solar Panels Online

When it comes to purchasing solar panels, there are several options available. Let’s discuss a few of them:

(I) Wholesale Resellers

  • – These companies sell solar equipment online to consumers who want to go solar.
  • – While labeled as “wholesale,” the items still include a markup for the reseller’s profit.
  • – You can buy individual solar panels and inverters from these resellers, which is useful for DIY solar projects
  • – However, attempting a DIY solar panel installation without proper expertise is not advisable.
  • – If you buy equipment from a reseller but don’t plan to install it yourself, finding an installer can be challenging
  • – TOP Tip: Compare prices and options before making a decision.

(II) Amazon Solar Kits

  • – Amazon offers solar panel kits for DIY enthusiasts.
  • – These kits typically include panels, inverters, and other necessary components.
  • – If you’re working on a small off-grid system or a DIY project, Amazon kits can be a convenient choice.
  • – TOP Tip: Ensure you understand the installation process and safety precautions.

(III) Large National Installation Companies

  • – These companies provide turnkey installations.
  • – They handle everything from design to installation.
  • – While they may be more expensive, they offer a hassle-free experience.
  • – Consider them if you prefer professional installation and peace of mind

 (IV) EnergySage Marketplace

  • – EnergySage is an online platform where you can compare solar quotes from local, pre-screened installers.
  • – It’s a great place to find competitive prices and connect with experienced professionals.

#2 Saving Energy with Solar Panels

Now, let’s explore ways to maximize energy savings using solar panels:

(I) Keep Panels Clean

  • – Regularly clean your solar panels to maintain efficiency
  •  – Dust, dirt, and debris can reduce performance over time
  •  – Use water and a microfiber cloth to clean the panels 1-2 times a year
  • – If your panels are on the roof, hire professionals for safety reasons

(II) Invest in a Battery System

  • – Batteries store excess energy generated by your panels during the day
  • – With a battery, you can use solar energy even after sunset
  • – Some states offer incentives for solar battery installations
  • – Consult your solar installer for battery recommendations

(III) Time Your Energy Use

  • – Use appliances when the sun is shining
  • – Run high-energy devices during daylight hours to minimize grid reliance
  • – Aim to consume as much solar energy as possible directly, rather than exporting it to the grid

(IV) Understand Your Savings

  • – The amount you save with solar depends on your electricity consumption, system size, and efficiency
  • – Calculate the cost of your yearly power bill and estimate how much your solar system can offset it

#3 Popular DIY Solar Panel Kits

Here are some of the popular DIY solar panel kits available on Amazon. I’ll provide detailed descriptions for each one:

i. Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel Starter Kit

Renogy 200W Portable Solar Panel, IP65 Waterproof Foldable Solar Panel Power Backup, Solar Charger for Power Station RV Camping Off Grid
  • 【Portable and Easy to Install】Renogy portable solar panels can be super lightweight to carry outside for camping, fishing, gardening, and any occasion you need it. You will neither have the installation problem during usage nor have to consider how hard it is to install it on the roof.
  • 【Power Conversion Efficiency】In order to provide the highest power conversion efficiency of 23.5%, Renogy uses Grade A solar battery cells and ETFE material, you won't worry about if the solar panel output is not continuous causing the heating system to stop working or troubles like this.
  • 【Multiple Output Ports for Different Occasions】With 1*Industry-standard solar connector Outport, 1*Type C outport, and 1*USB A(orange),1*USB A(black) output, renogy portable solar panel is much more convenient to charge with several appliances at the same time.
  • 【Design for Outdoor Activity】Designed with 4 mounting holes which is easy to tie on the car top, RV, or tree. You can charge your device no matter when you are driving, fishing, mountain climbing, etc. also adopts a unique magnetic design, with the buckle or velcro folding to attach tightly.
  • 【Waterproof IP65 Splash & Dust Resistance】with IP 65 prevent watersplash, please also pay attention that the solar panel can't be soaked in water or pouring rain for a long time in order to prolong its lifespan.

This kit includes two 100W monocrystalline solar panels and a 30A PWM charge controller. It’s suitable for RVs, boats, trailers, campers, and off-grid systems. The panels are weather-resistant and can withstand various environmental conditions. Installation is straightforward, making it a great choice for beginners.

ii. Foldable, Packable and Lightweight Panel

NEBO Reliance Solar Panel, Foldable, Packable and Lightweight Panel has 22% Sunlight to Solar Energy Conversion Rate to Keep Phones, Tablets, Power Stations, and Other Devices Fully Charged, 50 Watt
  • NEBO RELIANCE 50W SOLAR PANEL, Foldable, Packable and Lightweight 22% Sunlight to Solar Energy Conversion Rate Allows You to Keep Phones, Tablets, Power Stations, and Other Devices Fully Charged
  • HIGH-EFFICIENT ENERGY CONVERSION: Standard solar panels offer 15-20% energy conversion, while our premium panels are capable of up to 22%
  • OUTDOOR READY: Durable IP65 dust-proof and water-resistant construction
  • NEBO Solar Panel Compatible with the Entire Line of Rambler and Intrepid Power Stations

This kit features a 50W waterproof solar panel, an adjustable mount bracket, and a 10A charge controller. It’s ideal for caravans, RVs, marine applications, and small off-grid setups and we can use it for tons of other uses in 2024. The SAE connector simplifies wiring and ensures a secure connection. We can take this as an example about basic solar panel installation using this kit.

iii. ECO-WORTHY 1.6KWH Complete Solar Panel Kit

ECO-WORTHY 1.6KWH Complete Solar Panel Kit 400W 12V for RV Off Grid: 4*100W Bifacial Solar Panel + 40A MPPT Controller + 2*12V 100Ah Lithium Battery + Upgraded 2000W Power Inverter + Bluetooth Module
  • 【Ideal Output Power】Ideal daily output of 1.6KWH (under 4 hours sunlight), our solar panel kit is perfect for powering your RV, shed, cabin, home, or other energy backup needs. It can run your TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, and other AC 110V devices(Under 2000Watt Reated Power).
  • 【Bifacial solar panels】Bifacial solar panels are designed with a transparent back of 12BB solar cells, the back panel uses composite materials, the light transmittance up to 91.5%, the conversion rate of 23%, the power generation is 858Wh per day under ideal conditions, compared to traditional solar panels, the power can up to 33%.
  • 【Perfect Current Transmission】 With 40A MPPT solar controller and 12V 2000W updated pure sine wave inverter, this kit has high tracking efficiency of up to 99% and peak conversion efficiency of 98%, and 95% High conversion efficiency, making full use of battery power without waste.
  • 【Long Life】 New type lithium battery which has higher charge/discharge efficiency and more than 3000 times deep cycles. Much longer than lead acid batteries. With built-in BMS(battery management system), preventing the lithium battery from various damages.
  • 【Package Includes】 4*100W bifacial solar panels + 1* 40A MPPT controller + 1* 2000W power inverter + 2*12V 100Ah lithium battery+ 1*Bluetooth Module 5.0 + other accessories needed.

While not a traditional solar panel kit, this educational kit is perfect for everyone around us. It includes solar panels, accessories, and other components for building various projects. We can explore solar energy conversion and create fun experiments like solar-powered toys and much more.

iv. Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump

POPOSOAP Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump, 6W Outdoor Solar Water Fountain Pump for Bird Bath with 4ft Tubing & 5 Nozzles, DIY Solar Powered Water Fountain for Garden, Ponds, Pool and Fish Tank
  • 【Upgraded Larger Glass Solar Panel】Our 6W solar fountain adopts 100% glass panels and Grade A+ solar cells. Compared with the old plastic panel, it has stronger light transmittance can promote the conversion of sunlight into stronger energy, making the water spray more stable and long-lasting. Also, the solar glass panel is durable and sturdy that won't deform or break that can prolong lifespan.
  • 【Security Filter Protection】The solar powered water pump has built-in water shortage sensing device, it will automatically activate the water shortage protection the solar fountain pump when shortage of water. We also give 2 filter sponges can better block dirt, dust, leaves and extend the service life of the pump.
  • 【DIY Solar Water Pump Kit】Our solar fountain pump comes with 5 nozzles that can spray in different water styles and jet height to match various fountains and meet your ideas. Also, we provide the 4ft water pipes for creating different water features such as waterfall, small stream, birdbath, hydroponic garden, irrigation or other DIY running water.
  • 【Easy to Install & Angle Adjustable】The solar pump can be submersible or floatable. Just put the pump into the water and place the solar panel in direct sun, it will start working automatically within seconds. Equipped with a 360 degree angle adjustable mounting bracket, the solar panel can be mounted on the wall or inserted into the ground.
  • 【Money Back Guarantee and Waranty】All of our solar powered water pumps provide 60-days money back and 1-year warranty, if there is any problem with the item, please feel free to contact us.Note:Pls clean the pump regularly to prevent the pump from being clogged with dirt; The pump needs to be submersed into water and ensure the solar panel has not been shaded.

Although not a panel-only kit, this product is worth mentioning. It’s designed for creating solar-powered water fountains in gardens, bird baths, or fish tanks. The kit includes a solar-powered fountain pump with multiple nozzles. Students can learn about solar energy applications beyond electricity generation.

v. 6W Solar Panel, 5V/1A Mini USB Solar Panel

6W Solar Panel, 5V/1A Mini USB Solar Panel,IP67 Waterproof Monocrystalline Module DIY Solar Panel Kit with PET Material for Smart Phone, Small Fans Monitor Outdoor Security Camera
  • 【6W 5V Mini Solar Panel】The solar panel with USB port, compatible with small fish pumps, small fans, outdoor watch GPS, smart phone, psp, switch, bicycle, etc. NOTE: Solar panel charger can't store the electricity, it converts sunlight directly into electricity and output it to your electronic devices immediately!
  • 【High Conversion Efficiency】Utilizing solar cells with superior energy conversion efficiency, the conversion rate reaches up to 24%. The mini usb solar panel charger is equipped with an intelligent chip that can automatically recognize connected devices and adjust the output power to provide the fastest charging speed.
  • 【Waterproof & Durable Solar Panel】IP67 waterproof and PET laminations make the usb mini portable solar panels work under unexpected bad weather and high temperature, and wear resistant properties can make it last longer than other solar panels.
  • 【Ultra Light and Easy to Carry】Size: 10.66x6.88x0.1in. Weight: 0.5lbs. Mini size and lightweight design can be put in a small bag, ensuring convenience in use. The usb solar panel comes with 2pcs carabiners, suitable for hanging on outdoor backpacks. Worry-free off-grid charging, best emergency power device to have.
  • 【Off-Grid Charging】High-quality solar panel with CE, FCC, Rosh and PEC certificates, capable of charging multiple portable devices. 6W (depending on sun availability) is tested in an ideal laboratory. Cloud cover or coverage may affect the charging speed, it is recommended to put this solar panel charger in direct sunlight.

This small panel is perfect for charging USB devices. It’s IP67 waterproof and can be used outdoors. Students can experiment with direct solar charging for their phones or small gadgets.

We have to emphasize safety precautions and the importance of understanding the installation process when discussing these kits with your 8th-grade students. Learning about solar energy through hands-on projects can be both educational and fun! Solar panels are a long-term investment that pays off over time. Teaching your students about renewable energy and its benefits is a valuable lesson!


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