How To Optimize GeForce LHR GPUs to 100% Hashrate? – A Complete Step-by-Step Guide 

There is a solution to unlock the 100% mining potential of NVIDIA GPUs which run with LHR locks to limit their mining capacity. You can unlock them with a few setting tweaks. We have mentioned below methods to unlock 100% performance of LHR GPUs for mining.  

Nvidia LHR (Light Hashrate) GPUs

Nvidia released the series of Light Hashrate GPUs to solely focus on gamers. Mining with Nividia’s LHR GPUs was reaching 80% at best which is going to change now . No matter what additional hardware you add, these GPUs would not go any further otherwise. Now there’s a way to achieve that and attain their 100% mining potential. 

One thing should be noted that all Nvidia LHR GPUs will show slightly different hashrate depending on various reasons even after making due changes. However you will improved hashare from what it was before. 

Method to Unlock LHR at 100% using Simple Mining

We need to follow the steps in order to unlock the LHR Hashrate that we want to mine at maximum and utilise the LHR series’ full mining potential. 

Driver Version Required 

Follow these steps

  • Use at least Nvidia drivers 510.60 or higher new BETA image of Simple Mining OS or any higher version available 
  • Get a rig and set it up with Simple Mining if you don’t have one already and you are starting over. Click thebutton on your rig dashboard
  • Choose Command Options and select the image you want to use
  • Confirm it
  • Make sure the rig does not get stuck anywhere (this is very important), you need to watch the console if you are reflashing the image while using this option. It’s rare but rigs malfunction occasionally. If it’s stuck you need to reflash the USB drive/hard drive manually. 
  • To do it manually download the Image-use Balena Etcher to flash like we do for different versions 

Miner that Can Get You 100% LHR Hashrate For Mining Ethereum/Chia etc. 

This is again very important to get 100% LHR Hashrate performance. You need to use the right miner. For instance, NBMiner v41.0 is the very first miner that unlocked 100% LHR hashrate. We suggest using this one or even higher to stay on the safe side. It appears that other miners such as Lolminer and T-Rex will soon join the race of unlocking it. 

Enable “Run as Root”

While configuring the miner make sure to choose “Run as Root” see the image below for reference. 

If you follow all these steps you can unlock the 100% Hashrate for your Nvidia GeForce Lite Series. Just open the rig list and assign the group config with the latest NBMiner and hit reload. After a while you or in a matter of a few minutes you will notice a dramatic increase in the hashrate. Let’s hope it works for you. 

LHR 100% Hashrate Unlock – Watch The Video Guide



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