Why Do Some Mechanical Keyboards Sale More Than The Others?

Be it Black Friday, Christmas or even Labor day, some of the keyboards would always sell like hot cakes. There are many reasons for that to happen in the first place. We dug deep to find the core reasons why it is so, despite the fact that they are equally competitive in every possible way, even then they experience a lesser amount of sales.

We have covered the reasons for that and we think these reality-checks play a key role for that. Some of which are mentioned here:


There are many popular brands which spend millions of dollars on advertisements for their products. They keep a separate spread-sheet for that. Some of them even spend double or triple the amount they spend on factors of production for Mechanical keyboards. So as people keep watching the same products being advertised everywhere, they tend to buy them eventually.

Influencer Marketing

Another big advantage these days that most of the popular eCommerce portals such as Amazon, Walmart and others have is influencer marketing. It has massive power to take any small store from the ground and push sales to the skies. We have seen tons of such examples in the recent past. For example if Ninja, MrBeast uses a CorsAir Mechanical Keyboard and endorses it as well on social media the people would go to any length to buy that. We saw a similar situation with the shortage of Graphics Cards during Covid19 when everyone was opening gaming channels on YouTube, Twitch and others. So obviously especially designed gaming keyboards are going to get more eyeballs and eventually adding up more sale volume.

Social Media Marketing

You might be surprised why I have kept Influencer Marketing and social media marketing separately. Well, the reason is simple. When searching for similar kinds of products on social media we are shown related ads there. Let’s say I am searching posts or videos about Mechanical Keyboards on YouTube or FaceBook, their ads system would present me with similar ads about popular mechanical or any keyboard like Wireless etc to serve me with my findings. Social media has been playing a big role for helping products raking in massive sales, especially in the field of gaming gadgets like types of keyboards, mice, monitors and others.

Search Engines and Surface Web

So like we mentioned how we are served with the related products ads when we search a certain keyword on social media same goes for searching mechanical or wireless keyboards on Google and websites in general. We will eventually be shown similar products ads. So even if those mechanical keyboards shown in ads anywhere are not that great, they would still get more sales than a high-end mechanical keyboard which is not advertised or marketed anywhere. Basically, that’s how the ad system works about everything in general — goods and services. We search for a keyword and we will get to see tons of ads about them around us all over, no matter if we surf different websites— those ads would not change.

That’s how things get sold on the internet in general. They don’t just get endorsed by certain mainstream celebrities who have played various roles in movies but also several other ways we have mentioned above. But, of course, imagine if Tom Hanks endorses a mechanical keyboard it would definitely have solid sales as well but an internet celebrity like PewDiePie would definitely bring in more for the same products.

There are tons of other ways that some of the mechanical keyboards get sold in thousands than their equally well manufactured counterparts such as user reviews, forum posting and blog recommendations.

Here are some of the mechanical keyboards which raked in tons of sales than the others for obvious reasons. Despite the fact that they being of high quality:

#1 SteelSeries Apex Pro – Fully Customizable


It’s a hyperMagnetic gaming keyboard for superb gaming experience due to its OmniPoint 2.0 Adjustable HyperMagnetic switches. It’s also known as the world’s fastest keyboard. It has tons of amazing features such as adjustable actuation, OLED screen, RGB and USB passthrough. It has many more great features and has been featured by popular gamers on Twitch in several of their video streams.

#2 Logitech G PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Shroud Edition


This keyboard is highly recommended by Shroud, the most popular gaming expert online. It’s even his name on it. We can play fast and quick like Shroud does as the experts have designed it accordingly. It was solely built for high-end gaming competitions online. It has great precision, easy to assemble, has LIGHTSYNC for highlighting and much more. If we choose this mechanical gaming keyboard the victory is not faraway.

#3 NZXT Function Full-Size Gaming Keyboard – HIgh Quality Highly Efficient


NZXT this keyboard is a remarkable one for superb gaming experience. It’s absolutely linear, fast and with very quiet keystrokes. It’s RGB backlit, aluminum top plate, sound absolutely dampens, has wrist rest and much more.
It has a classic keyboard size which we can use binding actions to the various keys and then use them frequently during our gaming sessions. Its Gateron red linear mechanical switches are exceptional in comparison with other mechanical keyboards, they are very lightweight and absolutely silent while operating:

i) It has high speed hot swapping feature
ii) Its smoothness is exceptional
iii) We can customize CAM with control keys, program macros and also make our own profile using NZXT’s software for cam.

#4 Logitech MX Mechanical Wireless – Best for Home Offices


Logitech’s this keyboard MX Mechanical is an obvious choice for the home offices. This keyboard had seen astronomical sales during Covid. Some of its key features include:

i) Clicky switches
ii) Its Backlit Keys
iii) Bluetooth
iv) USB-C ports
v) macOS, Windows, Linux and iOS support
vi) It Also comes with Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription

#5 Vulcan 121 Mechanical – Best For Budget Buyers


ROCCAT Vulcan 121 has been among the top selling mechanical tactile gaming keyboards with great features and specs. It comes with:

i) Titan Switch
ii) AIMO RGB Backlit lighting per key
iii) Anodized aluminum top plate
iv) Palm and Wrist rest detachable
v) Tactile
vi) Smart Anti-ghosting
vii) It has AIMO Illumination
viii) It does not require any configuration, comes configured from the manufacturer
ix) It has mixer-style media controls to control everything including volume, backlit media buttons and brightness etc.

#6 SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL – Highly Furnished & Compact


Apex 7 TKL is a very compact mechanical keyboard with a tremendous amount of specs and features. It has been featured in almost every other popular gaming celebrity online and also during eSports.
Some of its high-end features include:

i) OLED Smart Display – We can easily control and manage all the settings right from this keyboard
ii) USB passthrough
iii) Complete media controls
iv) Linear and absolutely silent
v) RGB Backlit (Red Switch)
vi) It comes with the combination of 16.8 million colors per key which pretty epic

#7 Razer’s Huntsman Mini – The Best Mini Keyboard For Gaming


We see Razer never disappoints us at any stage when it comes to gaming gadgets and gear. It has some of the greatest gear that we can enjoy. This mini gaming keyboard has seen tremendous amount of sales in the recent past on holidays. Let’s see some of its key specs and features:

i) Fastest keyboard switches
ii) Its a 60% gaming keyboard
iii) It comes very clicky optical switches
iv) Chroma RGB Lighting
v) It performs way faster than regular mechanical switches. We have seen this before as well Razer uses light-based actuation and same goes here.
vi) We can register key presets quickly
vii) It’s in complete sync with all the new and popular games, Razer hardware, Philips hue and also all the gear from its 30 different partners.
Viii) It supports 16.8 million colors

There are tons of other specifications that further make this keyboard a hot buy during the holiday seasons especially when there are deals and holidays at the same time.

#8 GMMK2 – The Most Premium Typing Experience


GMMK2 keyboard is another popular mechanical keyboard for high end performance and has raked in sales in thousands. We can easily rank it as one of the keyboards for a number of reasons. Here are some of its specs:
i) Its highly customizable swappable mechanical keyboard
ii) Full Size
iii) Low profile
iv) Cherry MX Style
v) It also has double shot keycaps and linear switches
vi) High-end for PC gaming and its accessories
vii) It can be considered a symbol of high quality
viii) It also comes with built-in sound dampening material
ix) It’s compatible with Windows, Mac IOS, and Linux
x) These Glorious mechanical keyboards are compatible with any gaming mouse including Logitech 6502 HERO, Razer Mamba Elite, Logitech G PRO, SteelSeries Aerox 5, Corsair Scimitar, ASUS ROG and many more.

There are tons of other features that this keyboard comes with. We could not list them all here but at the end of the day those are the reasons this keyboard has remarkable numbers in sales.

#9 ASUS ROG Falchion NX – RGB High End Keyboard


Asus’ Rog Falchion NX has also raked in sales in thousands especially during the black friday and other times of hot deals when the prices drop drastically. It comes with some of the amazing specs:

i) It has ROG NX Blue Clicky Switches
ii) PBT Doubleshot Keycaps
iii) It’s a wired mechanical keyboard with 2.4G Hz.
iv) Has touch panel
v) Keyboard cover case
vi) Macros supported
vii) Buying options in Black and Gray
viii) RGB and 65% gaming keyboard
ix) very compact
x) We can connect it using two distinct methods
xi) It works just like any keyboard but features vary owing to its high-end making.

#10 Razer MageGee Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Best Budget Friendly


MageGee is Razer’s one of the highly selling items among others. It sells like hot cakes. There are tons of specs that come with it. Despite its low price it’s still considered as a high-end keyboard for gaming and professional work:

i) It has 87 Keys with RGB LED Backlit
ii) It has blue switches
iii) Wired
iv) 100% Anti-ghosting
v) it’s metal constructions
vi) 100% water resistant
vii) Best for office work and gaming
viii) 100% keystroke accuracy so no typos is inaccuracies while typing
ix) It also has multiple LED backlight lighting modes
x) Space savvy
xi) Very ergonomic
xii) It also comes with gold-plated corrosion free USB connector that provides 100% connectivity

So you can see and understand why some mechanical keyboards witness thousands of sales every holiday season especially compared to others. They do not just offer hot deals but they provide great quality and money spent on them. So the keyboards that we have featured above for exemplification do not just have a advertisement and marketing budget behind, they are equally well-serving. But of course at the end of the day, their popularity and brand names also serve that. We are not saying those are the only reasons there could be many more, but these reasons are very important ones. Make sure to tell us what do you think about all those reasons we have mentioned here and also the featured keyboards too.


Daniel Trugough is a visionary writer, exploring the fascinating world of modern PC builds and emerging technologies through his insightful and thought-provoking works.

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